What's going in your Withholding Allowance?

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I’ve got engineers here who each want to fill the 40 pounds of withholding allowance with their gear. Each one has valid reasons for their suggestions. So, I’m wondering what are other teams holding out?


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Team 1729

We are withholding:
the basket from our manipulator
the electronics board
4 wheels (for the spare chassis)
2 reference wheels and their encoders
the camera and its mount

basically the manipulator group that had the most issues, and the control system for the autonomous testing.

control system (DS + cRio + power board)

a TON of unneded spare parts

lots of little peices of scrap metal, we’re underweight and plan to add the extra weight at competition.

possible new version of about half our manipulation system



actually nothing that goes on the robot:D

but we are planning on making a spare Spinning Tube of Death to test with(the motor gets overloaded sometimes when we have alot of balls in their) shorter tubing

Just a few sensors and some metal braces that still need some finishing. And the driver station. Maybe 10 pounds at most.

We will be bringing probably 50 pounds of raw materials, and maybe 175 pounds of various fasteners (standard hardware) to share with other teams. But that’s all COTS stuff and isn’t part of our 40 pounds.

-A piece of body paneling that isn’t finished.
-The Camera (we plan to obtain another cRIO with which to tweak programming)
-Some odds and ends that may or may not ever touch the 'bot.

Our whole robot is 38.2 pounds, so we decided to just leave it and cut costs on shipping.

Just kidding…Electro board and camera are left, will ad some more stuff to those 40 pounds…

Whole shooter tower and turret, all 30 pounds of it.

We are going to mount it on our test chassis and use it to continue software development.

Ours will pretty much be spare motors, parts, and raw material.

School and team name and sponsor stickers…

I think the rest of the stuff we’re bringing is COTS, although we might bring the prototype wood chassis if we have room? it’s only 18 lbs, and it’s slightly entertaining

custom carbon fiber robot, eh? :wink: maybe Styrofoam robot? :stuck_out_tongue:
oh wait i know: blimp robot!

For 1618:

-School/sponsor logos
-Vinyl to complete the team’s blackout look–imagine how they wrap cars, and apply to a robot.
-Spare 545 motors with the BaneBots pinion pressed on

I’m not sure what exactly 2815 will be bringing.

We removed our turret with shooter and the electronics to run it (our small electronics board +1 Jag from the side wall of the 'bot)

Not sure what the final weight on these parts was, but it should be well under 40 lbs.

We may be adding upgrade parts for the first conveyor (deeper Gates belts to prevent slipping) and the intake roller (investigating ways to make it faster).

If timing belts are slipping, they need a lot more tension; making them wider only increases the force you can transfer through them.

The belt that is on there is tight as a drum. It was tensioned into place by moving one of the parts with a clamp and does not appear to flex at all when pushed on. It is not one of the 5mm kit belts, it has a much shallower profile. We are looking at belts with a deeper profile, not wider belts.

We have a nearly identical 2nd conveyor running perfectly using some fo the 5mm kit belts.

The belt that is on there cannot get any tighter, it was tensioned into place using a clamp and does not appear to flex at all if you push on it. It is not one of the kit belts it is one with a much shallower tooth profile that we got for free from a mentor’s work. We are looking at replacing it with some of the kit 5mm belts after we find some local teams not using the parts we need and we calculate what belt length we need to purchase.

Our robot was built to take advantage of the withholding allowance from the beginning. The drive modules detach, as a unit, from each side of the frame, and the control module is completely detachable, too.

Now we just need to build a dummy chassis to mount the modules on to and we’ve got five weeks of traction control and driving practice before Seattle.

(And, yeah… we could sure use it!)


We’re keeping our control system, part of the turret, and we are bringing in our redesigned rollers.

ARGGGG! You always beat me to posting

If it’s a wrong/shallow profile belt, fair enough. If you’re looking to buy more 5mm pitch belts or timing belt sprockets, SDP/SI has a wide selection, including a ton of really light polycarbonate timing belt pulleys with aluminum hubs.