What's going on at the New Jersey Regional?

AHHH!! I forgot my cell phone at home and I have no one’s number from my team now. :mad:
If anyone sees this and can relay that message to them please let me know.

Anyways… How is everyone doing in the NJ Regional??

I’ll call my dad today Elgin, I’ll throw you a PM when I contact him. He’s a socre keeper at NJ, I believe.

Oh you missed it! 6 teams went to cap the center goal in auto…
they all interfered with each other… HOW UNLUCKY…
no nothing has happened of importance =)

I called my dad (JohnBoucher); they were a 1/2 hour behind around 12:30. Not everyone had been up for their practice round, and things seem to be starting slow in terms of robots doing stuff on the field. Both 56 and 303 have put out strong robots yet again, and 237 is mere inches away from capping in autonomous.

But it is only Thursday…a lot can happen during the length of a regional.

Don’t say I never did anything for you, Elgin :wink:

Well today, alot of teams were feeling out there robots, and alot were not ready to go until 2 o’clock. Past that, the usual suspects were pretty darn good, 56, 237, 303, 11, cough 25 cough(have to drop it in), and 103.

56 and 237 have been tops so far, with 56 being able to cap the most in a round(8). 237 is close to getting a vision, but not close enough, everytime they have picked it up, they dont catch it at the right angle, and drop it too early, or it just slides off.

The match of the day, of what i saw, was between us and 56. I dont remember the alliances exactly, but it was 2 on 2. each team got their home row, and each had one side goal capped. The center was a battle at the end, We had first capped it early, and had left it untouched. With about 15 seconds left, both opponents head to it. Seeing this, we dropped ours and went off to block. Successfully holding off both teams, we still lost the match by one point(sigh). But, with a penalty on 56’s alliance, we took the win by 9. Was very exciting to myself, and from what i saw, the crowd thought it too. Ill try to upload a video of it tonite, and ill post a link of it later.

I also stood on the human player zone for a missing team during a 237 round, and was very impressed with their efficiency. Was quite good. Never dropped a tet or missed a cap.

But Penalties, unprepared robots, and lack of driver training have ruled the day. Look for much better competition tomorrow.