Whats going on at VEX?

What’s going on at VEX this year? On Kick-off day, we placed two orders via an open PO from our school district. I realize that processing a PO takes time, but we didn’t get our parts until Thursday this week. That’s about 12 days. Also, we ordered a set of 3-CIM shifter transmissions the same weekend, Sunday to be exact. We paid via credit card as we were too close to the limit of the school’s PO. We did get them the following Monday, a week later.

So once we got all or orders, we started to put things together. We are missing the 54T gears. In the meantime, we got a message from VEX that they were in the processes of changing their website when we ordered, and even thought we correctly ordered by us using their website, the gears were not included in the shipment. They said they were going to send us the gears.

When we inquired on the gears, we got a reply since we didn’t order them, we weren’t getting them. But we did, using their website that was supposedly under change.

It is now going on week 3. We cannot assemble our chassis, begin autonomous programming, etc. Worst is we are heading into exams at school, so meetings will be reduced so that students can study. We are already making changes to our designs to use only AndyMark, as we are 3 for 3 with troubles and delays with VEX.

Does anyone have two spare 217-3573 54T gears we can borrow until we get this sorted out with VEX?

We had some slower than normal shipping, but no missing parts. I’m spoiled by Andymark arriving next day since they are so close.

We have some of those gears, but I’d have to ship them. Muskegon to South Lyon should be pretty quick, unless you have a team member desperate to see what Lake Michigan looks like when its freezing. If I would have seen this yesterday I could have brought some with me, I’m visiting family in Northville right now.