whats going on in your head right now

comment on the person above you’s thought then add a thought your own

i wonder how many people use google for a dictionary

I didn’t know google had a dictionary

I figured google had everything. Including the kitchen sink.

I wonder why people call them “buildings” after they’re done building them. Why don’t people call them “builts?”

Beacuse thats another word they have to add to the dictionary?

Do other people see team numbers randomly and think of teams?
(ex. Wendys seating capacity:111 - wildstang)

yeah, i do that all the time. Bawls cost 1.79: Children of the Swamp. :slight_smile:

i wonder why there havent been too many posts on this thread yet?

I don’t know, maybe they think it’s weird.

I am a magnesium alloy, and so agrees my English class neighbor.

English class is random so theres always someone who agrees.

That reminds me, when walking past bushes be sure to watch for puritan devil children who may pop out from behind them.(From our class discussion on the Scarlet Letter)

Puritan devil-child, or Amish devil-child?

I wonder how many (more) robots will look exactly like ours…

Hopefuly not too many. A nice paintjob and a (again, hopefuly) sorta unique arm design (not the one we previously posted) should take care of that.

I wonder how many other teams are getting that painful realization that the robot is still not nearly close enough to be done.

I know me forsure, were SOOO close too.

I wonder how many people want to see a picture of our robot this year.

probably everyone

i wonder where is the weirdest place people have fallen asleep
me - the shower

I wonder what the next game is going to be…


what if code always worked the first time

The build season would be 4 weeks and Mountain Dew would probably go out of business.

I’m excited about getting to practice/debug our robot for IRI this summer, but I imagine every other team will do the same so our advances will not put us that far ahead.

I sure hope that our programmer will do the same (While hopefully teaching me).

I wonder how many rivets we’ll go through next year.

I wonder how many rivets you went through this year!

(see above)