What's going on with the "Word Association" thread?

3775 views (so far), and only 462 replies. :eek: It’s a no-brainer! Every single person who looks should be able to contribute! :slight_smile: All ya gots ta do is look at the last post, click on the “Post Reply” button, and type the first word that popped into your head when you read the previous post.

And by the way, try to resist letting your contribution be influenced by the words leading up to post you’re responding to. Let it be a spontaneous reaction to that single word. Only after posting your response should you look back at the words leading up to the one that prompted your post.

And don’t respond to your own post. (Wetzel:p)

brandon is this the longest thread ever? props to monsieur coffee for that one

I believe it is the longest thread ever. Its upto 23 pages.
The longest one before that was theGirls: Whats the best way to pick you up? thread. Or one close to that in size.

Bedtime now. have to be at work in 5.5 hours.:frowning:


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Hmm… I should think of another topic which can perhaps top the word association one, though that shall be hard.