Whats going on

We have connection and robot code, we have a program and everything looks to be wired correctly. Therefore, I would expect everything to run smoothly but the status lights on our Jaguars are yellow and blinking so there is something wrong somewhere, but no clue where. Any one got some advice, we are using LabVIEW if that’s necessary info.

Did you enable the robot from the driver station?

Yes, and it showed the green “lights” saying communication and robot code were present

blinking lights mean no signal.
check to make sure the pwm cables are not flipped and that your sidecar is plugged into port 4 not the secondary port

Umm what do you mean by port 4, like on the cRIO or what?


Slot 1 MUST have an analog module w/ breakout and jumper
slot 2 MAY have an analog module w/ breakout
slot 4 MUST have a digital module w/ sidecar
slot6 MAY have a digital module w/ sidecar
slot 7&8 MAY have solenoid modules in them

also check that you have power to the digital sidecar in addition to making sure the PWM is in the right way.

Okay, that worked. thank you very much I was not aware of those requirements.