What's going to be the divide?

So here’s the age old question: what types of robots will we see throughout the competition weeks? Are we going to see a small number of tall robots going for the scale, or an even split? Are we going to see robots just designed for switch and switch defense? How important are vault robots going to be? Are climbing/ramp robots (assuming legality) going to decide elimination alliances? What three robot types would make the optimal alliance partnership?$@#$@#

With some of the Ri3D teams showing the ability to score high, will any results be affected?

(I haven’t seen something like this created yet for this year; but if there is one, I can delete here… just please direct me to the other thread. Thanks!)

As with any year, the vast majority of robots will likely be over-ambitious for their team’s capabilities and suffer competitively for it.

With Robots trying to do it all or teams without capabilities going high, ect

Why did you phrase the answers so negatively?

I expect more tall robots than short. To be clear, I’m defining a tall robot as one which is designed to place (not launch upwards) a power cube into the SCALE, or to engage the RUNG, or both.

I think that you’ll see a lot of robots designed for “high” or to place in the scale that end up trying to score in the vault or switch because of unreliable mechanisms. My prediction is that the robots going “low” will be more successful until you get into the later weeks and dcmps where the low robots won’t be able to shine with the effective and reliable scale bots coming out.

That’s how I was defining them as well.

I think it’s likely that there will always be a place for a really fast switch robot on an alliance. I do agree that as the season gets into later weeks the focus will move away from the switch to the scale.

Four rotors were a “given” at division elims, but that didn’t mean gear specialist robots didn’t have a spot on both world championship alliances.

I agree with a lot of the sentiment here. Just because you think gameplay will be dependent on one factor, doesn’t mean it’s ineffective to strategize for the other. 4 rotors were a given in a lot of elims because of bots that were so effective at only that. Doesn’t mean shooters didn’t decide the match a lot of the time. Still I think we’ll see a lot of tall bots just due to teams trying to do everything. Maybe it’ll work at low to mid tier regionals, but at high tier events we’ll hopefully see a nice mix of each on every alliance.

Interesting I think the direct opposite.
Switch (Tall) robots will do well in weeks 1-5 because only a few will do it well and not as many cubes will need to be place to get the points per second(pps).
week 6 and district champs there will be a need for switch (short) to supply the scale robots with cubes.
So best will be one scale and 2 switch.