What's happening at Israel District #2?

TBA hasn’t shown any updates since the first playoff match yesterday. Did something happen at the event, or is the Internet connection down, or is TBA having a problem with that event? Thx

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There was a bug with the field that was causing major delays starting after the first playoffs match. After over an hour, the solution they came up with required all the matches to be run as test matches and the results wouldn’t be available online. Not sure if they were able to save the data somewhere to be uploaded in the future.

Edit to add: anyone who’s interested can watch the livestream recording here


It looks like FIRST isn’t reporting any data for that either, I’ll defer to Ari’s post though:

After the event was over, they asked us to stay for a bit with a robot and a driver station laptop connected to the FMS, and I understand someone was running tests remotely. I hope they fixed it.


And the results were…?

Alliance 1 took the finals in two

We were told scores would be uploaded over the weekend

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