Whats in a team color?

This is mainly directed at PINK- (other team colors in following post)
Ever curious why jail cells and opposing team locker rooms share ur team colors? Dr. Alexander Schauss, Ph.D., director of the American Institute for Biosocial Research in Tacoma Washington, reported that when painted pink, it reduced aggressive behavior among prisoners. “Even if a person tries to be angry or aggressive in the presence of pink, he can’t. The heart muscles can’t race fast enough. It’s a tranquilizing color that saps your energy. Even the color-blind are tranquilized by pink rooms.” After testing he discovered that a certain shade of pink had a calming effect on the nervous system. Inorder to test this theory he needed a large group of agitated people in a controlled enviroment, what better then a bunch of prisonerss just arrested right off the street or in his case the sea? So he approached the officials at the US NAval Correctional Center in Seattle. Expecting resentment, after all it is ppink and not some burly blue or green or gray, Schauss was surpised when they even offered to help paint the cells. After 10-15 minutes in the cell prisoner who were once kickign screaming and scussing had become very sedate. Thsi effect even lasted about 30 minutes after leaving the area.

however for you mentors out there with rowdy kids dont rush out to Home Depot for paint just yet. After 2 hours (far less then typically spent in a robotics lab during build season) subjects satrted to bascially OD on the color becoming very disturbed and/or severly depressed. But as plus during competitions were the venue food is just to expensive by staring at a sheet of pink paper for 1-2 minutes you can actually suppress your appetitie!

Don’t you wish your team colors were pink now?!

At least for the calming effect, it is a pale shade of pink. Certainly not the bright pink that the pink team uses.

However what is your team isn’t pink well fear no more cause I just finished reading my chapter from pych and found some more interesting data:

Blue (237 SieH2OBots 217 Thunderchickens) : calming, lowers blood presure, and decreases resperasion
Green( 126 Gael Force): soothing mentally and physically relaxing. Helps reliev depression stress axiety and nervousness.
Violet (155 Technonuts I believ had purple) : suppresses apetite provides a peacful enviroment, and is good for migraine headaches
Yellow(175 Buzz) : energizes, relieves depression, imporves memory,a nd stimulates appetitie.
Red( 173 RAGE, 19 Big Red) : stimulates brain wave activity, relieves depression, and increases heart rate, respirations, and blood pressure
Black(38 Nonnebots) : a “power” coloer and a source of self-confidence and strength.
Orange(non-other than L33T CREW 521): energizes and stimulates, sppeeds up digestive system

Tie-dye (111 Wildstang, 176 Aces High, 716, Who’c Teks) : sorry I have no data on that but my guess would be a little bit of everythign all swirlled into one

MOE green : a whole level in its self

Sorry I myself have only heard of their legendary and have not been blessed with viewing their team colors, I have merely heard of it and found it interesting. The shade of pink used in the study has been called “Baker-Miller pink” after the two naval brass that helped with the sutdy, “drunk tank pink”, “Pepto-Bismol pink”, “bubble-gum pink”, and if you want to paint your house it is Benjamin Moore #1328

I wish we could have used this research study as the premise of why our team is PINK. But very interesting indeed. Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

A whole new meaning to, “Think PINK!”, and “Real Men Wear PINK!” :smiley:

here are some pictures:

Behold the power of PINK!

Wow, who woudl’ve guessed? That’s really cool, thank you for posting that info.

Oh, Lord, that explains a lot.

We became orange in 2001 cuz that was the only paint color in student’s garage for robot, and they got tshirts to match. It’s stuck. We love orange.

what about the color hawaiian? :stuck_out_tongue:

OH NO … PLEASE tell me you are not a psych major … every one of those I have known has come out of school WAY more screwed up than when they went in … :yikes:

[quote=shark_byte]Behold the power of PINK!

Well that still doesn’t change my opinion of the men’s room at the school my team is based at. :wink:

Here’s a second link of an actuall photo of the bathroom. Maybe we could trade bathrooms with the Pink Team. :slight_smile:


Have no fear I am not a psych major though that would be something in FIRST think of all thes tudies I could hold) I am just taking a 1/2 credit course of it to complete my history requirment for graduation. Surprisingly I just provide you can actually use the stuff in actual applications (creating thread on CD) rather then charging people hundreds of dollars to talk to you and you say “I see”