What's in your CD player right now?

What’s in your CD player right now?
Poll is the type of music, list the album, unless you have like a 200 CD changer like some of my friends, and then I don’t have time to read that stuff…

Me, I have multiple CD players:

Car: Incubus (CD with mp3s or every single Incubus song)

Computer: Red Hot Chili Peppers --> “By The Way”

Stereo: That One Guy --> “Songs in the Key of Beotch”

And the last one, I swear is real!

One more thing, there’s a reason I didn’t list country…

right now i have a mix of like almost all my cds in my cd player which include linkin park, system of a down, papa roach, etc.

why didnt you list country?

Because country is way too broad of a category to put in there…even in compairison to “Electronica.” Most people consider everything from slide guitar to bluegrass to southern rock to modern “country” (Garth Brooks, Faith Hill, etc) to be in the category of “Country”…

as for my oppinion of it, it’s my opinion, but…

don’t dis the bluegrass!!


I’ve been on a Tool kick, lately, so I burned a cd of Opiate, Undertow, Aenema, Lateralus and Salival. If you ask anyone who frequents TigerBolt, you can be assured that I’ve been practically obsessed with them.

I love having a cd/mp3 player…

CD Player in Room: The Clash: Greatest Hits

PC: Run DMC Feat. Aerosmith: Walk this way

The Used
The Juliana Theory
The Starting Line
An Early November [well, one song on a comp]

check pubarso.com for mp3s

My Saturn: Nothing. I don’t have a CD player. Or a tape player. Just my radio
My dad’s Sebring: Godsmack “Awake”
My mom’s van: Catch22 “Keasby Nights”
My laptop: some Incubus CD
This laptop: Sum41 “All Killer, No Filler”
My PC: Creed “My Own Prison” (the first CD)
My room: Creed “Weathered”

Wow, I have a CD from almostevery genre of music I listen to somewhere… hmm… :wink:

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All Metallica, oh yeah.

Kill’em All
Ride the Lightning
Master of Puppets
…And Justice For All
Metallica - The Black Album

So awesome.

Where’s post-grunge and reggae/ska? :slight_smile:

Uh…cd’s that I can’t find (usually means it’s in a cdplayer somewhere):

Jimmies Chicken Shack.
Mephiskapheles (sp?).
Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s.

Hehe…a five disc cd changer and a 3 disc dvd player. 3 discmans. 2 car stereos. 3 stereos. 1 stereo with 5d changer. 2 drives on the computer. and lots and lots of bootlegged cds :slight_smile:

bah, i just have MP3s. i have my MP3/cd player (the RioVolt one), and a nice four speaker stereo in my room. of course, i’m that much of a nerd to have hooked my computer up to the stereo, so i play my MP3’s on my stereo, instead of just cheap computer speakers :D.

as to what’s playing now, well, it seems to be Dispatch - Bullet Holes. i have a bunch of stuff on my playlist though, and it’s set to random, so i get most of my stuff. it seems to mostly be punk/rock/some heavy metal. that’s about it though, i think.

Heh…I have a ghetto mp3 player. Anyone else remember paying 300 bucks for a Rio PMP300? Now I could get an IPod :slight_smile:

My cd collection rules. They’re all burnt from mp3s (with the exception of some DMB and Offspring cds). Rather than writing the name on the cd, I wrote a number on the cd then wrote the disc info on a peice of paper and keep it with my cd’s. I will be in a bit of a hole if i lose that peice of paper. :slight_smile:

In my cd player right now?
Return to Castle Wolfenstien. :smiley:
Winamp is what I use.Playlist here
Got the Logitech Z-560 , so no crappy computer speakers for me. I still plan on getting the Klipsch 5.1 speakers tho.

In my car, my stereo reads MP3’s. One problem it has tho makes it worthless for driving about town. It takes 2 minutes to read a cd of mp3’s before playing them. So it is good for longtrips, but for around town, regular cd’s. Right now it is Daft Punk - Discovery.
My stereo in my room, I have not a clue. Its been that long since I have used it.


/me is listening to E:\Five Iron Frenzy\Five Iron Frenzy - Superpowers.mp3

Just go out an buy the CDs for goodness sakes.

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**Just go out an buy the CDs for goodness sakes. **

I do. But I rip them and compress them.
Easier to keep them on my computer, or the few songs that I do like, then to constantly swich cds.


/me is listening to E:\Barenaked Ladies\Greatest Hits\Barenaked Ladies - 04 - One Week.mp3

You may have Incubus but, what incubus CD is it, is it new or old Incubus:D

Buy cd’s? You mean their still for sale and we haven’t bankrupt the RIAA? Ohh.

Yup, I have close to 200 burned CD’s since November of 2001. Plus about 200 unburned songs on my PC. I have a HUGE CD carousel (201) attached to my TV/PS/VCR/sound system that is full of almost all bought CD’s. Bah, buying CD’s made me poor too fast. I have everything from bluegrass to modern country to oler country including my very close family member Duane Eddy. My collection extends through CCR and the aerosmith days up to current DMB, Creed, and yes I enjoyed Hanson (it deffinately beat the boy bands of that time, Hanson’s music was not all popish). I also have in my collection classical such as Mozart, because I study music, and even to the extent of Korn, Limp Bizkit, and Kid Rock. If it’s not techno or rap, then I have it.

In my portable cd player: Counting Crows: Hard Candy
In my boombox: Catch 22, Washed up and thru the ringer!
In my dad’s car: John Mayer: Room for Squares

My car: New Linkin Park cd
Brother’s Room: Box Car Racer cd/Hoobastank
Dad’s car: newer sting cd/hoobastank
Computer: nothing right now

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**You may have Incubus but, what incubus CD is it, is it new or old Incubus:D **

Dude, every single song that has ever been put into a digital format. The only thing by them I don’t have is an old 45 single they put out a long time ago called “Lets talk about some rootbeer ya’ll” So my answer, EVERYTHING!!! I am little obsessive, but it’s ok to be obsessive sometimes…

Oh yeah, seen them in concert 3 times, and met them once!!