What's our next FRC projectile?

Everyone likes trajectory games! Fire, ready, aim!

So, what will we launch next? The more shots per second, the better!

My suggestion: 42mm wiffle practice golf balls. Thousands of them! Field reset can sweep 'em up with shop vacs.

240 wiffle golf.JPG

240 wiffle golf.JPG

Foam Footballs! A good challenge to manipulate and launch well.

Collect and nest platonic solids, and launch them onto hooks hanging from a low ceiling.

I would be so happy if this happened. It would be a refreshing change from regular balls.

I mean, they had the chance to have us launch gears this year, but they didn’t. Sigh imagine if…

I think it will be another standard ball the next time we get a projectile-based game, hopefully something larger (perhaps bringing back the Aerial Assist balls?). Though I’m still hoping for foam footballs (and have been for a while…)

Inner tubes have to come back sometime!

Be careful what you wish for…


I thought we were saving those for the 2019 Lunacy Reboot: 10th anniversary of Lunacy and 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.


Anything as long as it isn’t featured in the 2018 game.



Two words: Nerf Howler.

Bill & co. know what I’m talking about.

I’ll do you one better Richard. 14mm glass marbles, tens of thousands of them! This could never go wrong!

If we keep decreasing the size of the particles and increasing their quantity ad infinitum, we’ll eventually get a liquid #watergameconfirmed

Whatever it is, it should be readily available from a standard sporting goods store so teams can get additional ones for practice easily and cheaply, with ones available from AndyMark at MSRP for international teams.

I can see that being very painful… mentally AND physically

Small children?

I like the idea of a 2010 style projectile game but maybe carpet air hockey instead. Basically have the game piece be a big low friction puck and with 2010 ish robot rules, you can basically only flick/fling/hit the puck. Add dividers that the puck can go under but robots have to go over and it will be a very interesting game.


It would definitely bring the Olympic Games feel to FRC :stuck_out_tongue: