What's the best (and cheapest) FRC laptop?

I’m looking to buy a new laptop for the team to use. I have the money to probably get whatever, but would like to buy more than one. Anybody a good laptop they like that isn’t terribly expensive?

If you’re fine with getting refurbished you can get thinkpads on amazon for sub $400. They can withstand a lot of abuse. My personal one ( i bought new) has been going strong for 6 years now. https://a.co/d/dFeDbu0


What’s the laptop being used for?

Programming, CADing, and scrolling ChiefDelphi all have different computer requirements/ideals.

There was a similar thread on this exact same topic posted about a week ago that might be helpful:

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I would recommend any used or refurbished commercial laptop. I personally have a Thinkpad t480s you can find them on eBay under $200.


Agreed with all Thinkpad suggestions! As far as I’ve found they’re also pretty easy to find replacement batteries for. Pop a cheap SSD in there and you’re good to go for years.