Whats the best way to catch the Loch Ness Monster?

Many expeditions have tried to catch ol’ Nessie, and all have failed. So, future engineers, if you had a reasonable budget for such an expedition, how would you go about catching Nessie, or more realistically, catching Nessie on film?

Salami on a stick. Nuff Said

Set up about 6 camaras around the lake. Have them all hooked up to monitors in a control room. Pay 2 people who have nothing better to do to watch the monitors for a couple months(2 twelve hour shifts). When one of them sees something, they press record on the recording device. Caught on tape.

Now for actually catching it, that’s simple. Just drain the lake and donate the water to the Thirsty Kids Association.:smiley: You would probably have to filter ithe water a bit first but besides that nagging little detail, the plan is flawless.

sanddrag: you read my mind.

first, i was going to say drain the lake.

then i went searching on google for loch ness monster, and one of the first links i came upon was a webcam pointed at the lake.

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**Salami on a stick. Nuff Said **

but what kind of salami…?


Go Hang A Salami I’m A Lasagna Hog! is a palendrome :slight_smile:
/me has no life :frowning:

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Go Hang A Salami I’m A Lasagna Hog! is a palendrome :slight_smile:

That’s pretty cool. I sure hope you didn’t make it up yourself.

Here’s another thing. Tony Romas backwords with tony still first is ynotT samoR (why not some more)

Yours is better though.

You go to Scotland, like I did last September, and you take a picture of the Loch on a cold, wet and foggy day. When you get home, you title it “Loch Ness, no monster” and show it to all your friends. They will point out a mysterious dark spot on the water that you will swear must be just a log…

Loch Ness, no monster

I’ve got a “ghost” from Loch Lomond too.


I believe in ghosts, because I believe in memory.

This is about all I could do with photoshop. That could be just about anything in that picture

Sorry here’s the pic.

Are you sure u didnt see the Loch Ness Monster :smiley: :wink:


I didn’t see it the first time but I see it now after your photoshop draw-in.

gah, clark, you beat me to the photoshopping… grrr

Yeah, I started this one before I went down to watch some Daily Show. Come back, and Clark got to photoshop first. Basically I took that one chunk and ran it through some photoshop sharpening filters so it became a bit clearer. The size on Clark’s, as you can see by comparing it to my work, is obviously way out of proportion.



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**Are you sure u didnt see the Loch Ness Monster :smiley: :wink:


You know, I have some very gullible friends, they just might believe this…:wink:


Some say I’m a visionary, others just say I’m seeing things- Anonymous (to me at least)

You’ve exposed the truth!

The Loch Ness Monster is a fake!..lol


PS. I didnt even use Photoshop, mainly because i dont have a copy of it…i used some cheap program that i mainly use for resizing pictures called “Ulead PhotoImpact 6”

Heat-seeking missile! Kill! Kill! Kill! (Hopefully no one is scuba-diving at the time :D)

The Loch Ness Monster is not fake. If you have seen The Simpsons you would know that it does exist, and he is currenty working in a Las Vegas casino. :smiley:

Also, Dan when I saw in your AIM away message about catching the Loch Ness Monster, I never thought that you would go to this length to actually do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

/me laughs

Come on…all you got to do to get the loch ness monster is to put another one in the lake and then nessie will find him and hang out with him…

You know how they catch shrimp with a huge net that they pullup from the bottom. Put a huge net in the lake, that covers the entire thing, wait a few days for the monster to chew a hole in it so it won’t be pinned at the botom, then lift the net up really quickly. How do you lifta net like that really quckly you ask? With rocket ships of course. If the monster isn’t there, then sweep through the lake horizontally with a big net, but that one made out of electrifyed something so when the monster touches it, it gets electricuted and gets knocked out cold so it floats to the top.

Loch Ness Webcam

This has passed away much time at work, I must say.

At any rate, cryptozoology is fun! If it were a profession I could pursue that’d get me paid, I’d be first in line!

My real interest lies in finding the Jersey Devil, honestly.

/me wonders

after we finish with the lock ness monster can we do bigfoot?

and after that i want to do ted williams’ kids