What's The Coolest Thing A Team Can Give Out?

This is a poll for us to see what other people want to get from us. Post other things here and what your team will do.


The real answer isn’t up there…so I voted on something that was…

THE COOLEST THING IS A SLINKY!!! Yes, I got a slinky! at nationals one year. Boy was that cool.

Slinky, yes a slinky.
Anymore idea’s?

What about phone cards???

Team 67 and 447 have handed those out in the past few years and they have been great for when i forget my cell phone and i have a lack of proper change…

The robot itself… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That’s a good idea, we should auction off the robot…

My favorite hand out, which I of course lost, was a clicker. The hours I spent annoying my roommates with that…

I belive it was given out in 2000, but I could be wrong.

-Andy A.

What about food? I rember some of the temas from Hawaii passed out pineapples last year. We’re thinking about giving everyone bananas! :wink:

How about giving out bottle water…i got so thirsty last year/////aggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh


I personally thought that the NEC frisbees were well liked… just my thought.

How about beach balls? Toss one up at the top of the stair well, and watch the fun!

Well buttons are getting to common i think
Then you have pamflets, very useful, but also overused
Frisbees, balls, and other novelty items are always a winner cause they are usually nifty and new.
Noise makers i feel are just plain annoying (my view)

But the i think the neatest thing would be food… that we know where it came from.

2000: At the Jonhson and Johnson Regional, one team gve out a gear and housing that was very nice. Its not a planetary gear, but thats the best thing i can call it, when it spund, it was different then its housing and caused an osciallting CAM motion.

2001: The FORD lightup necklace at Nationals, very cool usage of magnets to complete circuits.

Wow, this is amazing. I remember seeing all sorts of things @ VCU last year! My idea is to creat a HTML page and use it on a mini-CD with photos of Sparky 3.0 and pictures.

i’ll give a hug?


*Originally posted by ggoldman *
How about giving out bottle water…i got so thirsty last year

We gave away Hokie Water yeah yeah yeah, “what’s a hokie?”

It’s this silly bottled water that our college sells for “school spirit.” The Hokie is the school mascot. It’s a funny bird. It’ll kick your school’s mascot’s a**. Believe me, I watched it beat up a couple mascots at the same time at a basketball game.

Banana’s are good…

But I still say slinkies are the coolest!

My team gave out bagels at socal. We gave out about 2000 bagels. It was the best giveaway there. Everyone was hungry for breakfast and we were there to help.

…and I ate some of your bagels. Great idea!!

I GOT A SLINKY TOO! It rocked!
There was a team at the VCU regional giving out keychains that they made to look like the FIRST symbol. They used a key ring, cut inch by inch aluminum square tubing, and bent a triangle and connected them all together. I rather thought that was cool. Although I must say I’d love to see bumper stickers this year, from a team or just ones to promote FIRST.

I would love to get a FIRST sticker for my car. Seriously!!! It might look weird among my Incubus and Tool stickers, it’d be on there though…