What's the easiest vision targeting set-up to use?

We are wanting to implement targeting for our robot this year. We can’t afford a Limelight, and have tried Chameleon vision but never could get it to connect. We do have the FRC vision image installed on a Pi currently. Is there anything we can use with it to target? Is there another image that would be better? Are there tutorials for Chameleon to see if we were just missing something?

This might help with getting Chameleon Vision to work.

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In a worst case scenario you could use a flashlight at a set angle such that its beam will be on the goal at a set distance where you can consistently shoot from. I would, however, encourage you to keep plugging away with Chameleon Vision. If the link posted by Hpatel doesn’t help, they have a Discord server set up that I’m sure could help you with your specific problem(s).

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It might be harder to implement but you can use pixy to do vision as well.

We were able to get it installed, but we never could connect to it via Ethernet.

I’m looking through this doc again and had a question. If we are running a coprocesor do we skip the PC testing section?

If using a flashlight, make sure you have a way to turn it on only when targeting.

The best flashlights to use are the ones with adjustable focus that can project a small patch of light at a distance. You may have to try several to find one with the optical quality that you are happy with. You will also have to add a DC-DC voltage converter to power the flashlight since you won’t be allowed to install batteries in the flashlight.

Some of the flashlights alternate between modes such as full brightness, reduced brightness, flashing.

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The Chameleon Vision Discord is very active and helpful. If you haven’t been on there you should. We had vision set up using Chameleon within a couple of hours. Our targeting tests with very low green light levels have been impressive. We just received a light ring today which should improve things exponentially. Any issue we have had questions about the Discord Help channel has been right there to walk us though things.

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We have chameleon vision working and are now trying to read from the network tables. very simple to use and threshold.

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