What's the highest score you've seen at a regional?

Just curious.

It was put up by 116 and a couple others at VCU. (sorry i can’t remember who the other 2 were but it was a pretty good match.)

The RED alliance in VCU Match 35: 116, 510 and 1731 scored 99 points. 1731 was awesome!

You can see it here, courtesy of SOAP108 and the CircuitRunners:


Match #35
Red wins 99-24

I think these were the teams…
Red: 116 1731 910
Blue: 623 346 611


KA-108 :cool:

Word is NJ had a 137

New Jersey Regional

Q32 3/3/2006 1:36:00 PM

1279 :33

486 :137

ne1 have a recording of the match in NJ with 137

Speaking of NJ, does anyone know what is wrong with 433 and 1218, i would expect them both to do a good job. but i guess not.


From what I know we are recording each and every match. So possibly soon we will host the video of that beastly match. A lot of teams I expected to do good, didn’t and others that I didn’t expect did amazing.

Yet I have a feeling that a long 25 minute showing of robots toppling over during regionals will be strung together and played with Mozart. Even our robot which was not even the slightest top heavy got tipped twice I believe. Well once we bounced off a pile of balls on the ramp and the other time on the ramp we were pushed and fell over. It happens to everyone. Anyway I digress… How could I forget Wayne Cokeley’s Regional Woodie Flowers Award! http://www.robotarena.com/wizforum/smileys/smiley32.gif

Well I think we have everyone beat!!! 3177 Points in one match at the PNW Regional today!!! See attached picture if you don’t believe me and no it hasn’t been edited, photshop’d, or anything!! This year’s scoring system is sure different than in years’ past.



ahahahahahahahahaha. good laugh.

I didn’t actually see the match, but check out Qual 11 of VCU on the FIRST website…

Its amazing some how teams 804, 384 and 540 pulled off 11106 points! Hmm I wonder how much of that they got in auto…

Hats off to you guys. Any team who can use the scoring systems disabilities to their advantage is just plain awesome.

Can anyone who was at VCU tell us how the 11106 was scored?? Im assuming it was an issue with the scoring system (or just the scores put up on the site), as that would be 11096 in 130 seconds… assuming there were three robots on the ramp, that would be 11071 points in 90 seconds… or 123 points per second (assuming they could get on the ramp in zero seconds)… meaning 41 balls were constantly shot into the 3 point goal EACH second… I could go down to detail of ball loading and ball size, but thats over half the field’s worth of balls going into a goal in one second, and the other half have to be already in the robots ready to shoot for the next second…

The NJ Regional was awesome… Congrats to Team 25 and their alliance it was a very entertaining. You guys will go far this year… great design and drive team.


ahahahahahahahah. this just gets funnier. I wonder how many people will actually believe this score is real!!! ahahahahahahaha. I wont believe it until i see the video of the match. Its a little obvious that its an error in the system.

So it turns out the match in question was not acutally a qualifying match, but a practice match on Thursday. This doesn’t explain why it’s called Q11, but if you scroll down, past Q32, the list restarts. The ACTUAL Q11 has a score of 28-24.

Hahaha. the system was not working properly that day!!! ahahahahhahahahaha!!! People dont know how to scroll down (just kidding) the regional thread and find VCU Field Problems!!! im about to ROFL!!! Yeah, the date was the second, which means practice round, and field problems.

I wish the DJ played System of a Down at the BAE Regional.

ahahaha. i noticed on NASA TV they were playing some songs that I thought FIRST would never play.aahahaha. some Ludacris, Beyonce, and more. A little funny if you as me.