What's the matter of "Stage 1" Thing?

I mean, we need to score 9 balls to pass stage 1, but it doesn’t unlocks anything. Unlike stages 2 and 3, that unlock ROTATION CONTROL and POSITION CONTROL. I think it’s pointless. If i missed anything, please let me know.

and to reach teleop.

I suspect this is a mechanism to prevent autonomy advantages from getting out of hand. (stares in 2018 Cheesy Poofs)


Stage 2 can’t be triggered until teleop. Note that Stage 1 is activated by scoring 9 balls, which is exactly how many can be preloaded by an alliance in auto. If a robot picks up more off the floor and scores them, they will not contribute to Stage 2 scoring.


There are rather few differences between the existing stage 1 and stage 2, and a 29-capacity stage 1.

First, capacity for stage 2 cannot be charged during auto. If 10 or more power cells are scored, only 9 are counted for the purposes of capacity.

The lights on the field. After finishing stage 1, one of the light strips on the shield generator turns on, and the 30 lights around the High Goal turn off. It makes things easier for tracking score.

But in general, I would agree that the current stage 1/2 is strategically near-identical to a single 29-capacity stage, unless you can score a large number of Power cells in auto.


But they still get twice as many points!

Happy designing!

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Yes, which is why 254 (and a lot of other teams) will pick up balls in auto. The Stage 1 rule is so super-good auto teams will still struggle to solo the number of balls required to get the RP in quals.

Stage 1 unlocks stage 2.

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