Whats the next Software Frontier in FIRST

I feel like with the direction these games are heading with AprilTags and pose estimation are a obivous need for most teams.

Wpilib has continued to add more logging, with data and telemetry on the rise.

What do you think is next? In 3 years what technology or concept will teams be looking to add?


fully autonomous robot


Effective control of mechanisms with complex physical constraints. Things like controlling a multi-jointed arm so that it doesn’t hit itself or the rest of the robot, but can still move efficiently between positions. It’s something that teams with elite software can do well (see also 254 in 2019, or 971…always), but it hasn’t quite gotten packaged into a neat off-the-shelf solution.

Granted, it’s pretty rare that teams will need this to be competitive, because you can almost always work around this from a design perspective. But just like the COTS swerve revolution was enabled by plug-and-play swerve in WPILib, I think libraries or systems for effective motion planning might help the upper-middle tier of teams improve their play that much more.


Agreed. The complexity of some of these multi DOF systems can really become hard to control. But if done right are incredible

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