What's the Stupidest/Funniest Thing you did in Robotics during the '06 Season?

I feel so strange making threads…

If I’m making too many, please prod me.


Another curiosity… with over a thousand teams out there, nearing two thousand, there have to be plenty of stories of the stupidest thing you did in robotics, even if just in this season…

Yeah. I’ll post mine once I see a few others…

And remember, an added benefit, next time you or someone else really messes up, you can just say “Hey, it could’ve been worse, I could’ve done 123 like person person ABC from team XYZ did in '06!” :slight_smile:

posted for a friend of mine:

Kicked a ball (the ones used in the launcher) and hit a lady in the head while she was talking to our team leader. He apparently didn’t know who she was. A little later, he kicked the same ball and hit her in the head a second time, both times by accident.

He had NO idea that the lady was the principal of our school that he managed to hit in the head with a ball 2x.

This wasnt really robotics but while i was at the hotel in nats a few girls from my team locked me a few others on the balcony of our hotel room and i climbed over the barrior between the balconys to the next girls room over and went over to open the door

Lets see. I shot out a window with an 1-1/4" pnumatic gun loaded with a steel bolt the night our principal visited the shop. Oh and i have a visiual aide


i seem to remember a few more things that i shopuild probaly still not mention to the general public for a few more years.

Let’s Just say i am the one that gives Firefighters, paramedics, and law enforcement a job

Wow… and I thought what I did was bad…

Earlier in the year we had this room we were painting our shipping crate, and made a bit of a mess. I remembered one teacher saying how shaving cream will take paint off of cars, and also works nicely for getting ink off of desks.

So anyway, we have this huge box of shaving gel. Key word–gel, not cream, which I didn’t really think of until later.

Now, we don’t just have a few cans, we have about a hundred or so sample-size cans, so we… used them all, and covered the room (which was about twenty feet by ten feet-ish) with a few inch layer of… shaving gel, which kinda expands as it sits for a bit.

Now, we then realized we had a problem–not only was the gel not taking off the paint, but we were three inches deep in shaving foam, with piles going up to a foot high in some corners. Now, initially it was nice fun foam–we had foam wrestling, covered kids in foam, foam fights, etc. It was a /lot/ of fun, but after a day or two, it dries and becomes a crusty, flaky, powdery mess.

So what did we do?

We flooded the room with water. And not just buckets or something–we took PVC piping, and rigged the sink in the corner to let out at three points via an irrigation system, and flooded the room. Now, we thought it’d dissolve the shaving gel and it’d wash into the drainage in the floor that we assumed was /somewhere/ in the room (note–this wasn’t our main shop room, but a room off the side of that which was a service room of sorts), but two problems emerged.

First of all, it didn’t do much to the foam except partially dissolve it and make a disgusting, slushy mess. Second, /there was no drain/.

So you see where the issue is?

Then we take the shop vac and rig it with PVC to suck up a lot of the water, which works until the shop vac gets full. Rather then be smart and just put it in reverse and pump the water into the drain in the sink, we decide to get our mentor (you’ll see why getting the mentor is a bad idea in this case, in a second). He decides that we already messed up enough, won’t let us reverse the shop vac, forces us to carry it to the sink, which makes a huge mess, and then disallows us from using it.

He then decides to use the spare cardboard from some class project to soak it up, like a sponge. But… it doesn’t work as planned, so now we have a slushy, slurry mess of dissolved cardboard, shaving foam, and water. We pick up the cardboard, put down more, repeat… until the room is dry enough that we can just let it air dry.

Yeah. X_X

This wasnt really robotics but while i was at the hotel in nats a few girls from my team locked me a few others on the balcony of our hotel room and i climbed over the barrior between the balconys to the next girls room over and went over to open the door

Ha, for a moment I wondered if you were from our team… me and my friend did the SAME thing (except it was at the '05 nats) to some friends of ours, locked them out, and they climbed across the balcony…

What hotel were you at when you did that? -wonders if it was the same hotel, therefore allowing the same strategy-

Woah. Why were you shooting the bolt in the first place? That sounds /really/ dangerous and… fun.

At nationals we were at the Embassy Suites next to the airport. We were literally the only team in the place (still dont know why). Anyway, a couple of guys got a hold of a frisbee (i think it was one of 399’s from vegas. we were attached to that thing in the shop) and started throwing it across the indoor recreation type of thing while on the 5th floor. The frisbee ended up going down a few floors and hitting a door or a wall. A few times someone would open a door to see what the matter was. We would eventually take the elevator down and retrieve the frisbee.

Also, something that happened just last week (i guess it doesnt count for the 06 season). A teammate was giving me a friendly push, ended up pushing too hard and had me land straight on the bin of the 06 bot. In this pic, the right side of the front corner of the ball bin. Not fun having a 4 inch scar (i wouldnt call it a gash, but it certainly felt like one) from a robot.

uhhh… In robotics?

Well, stupidest mistake a programmer can make : miss a semi colon ‘;’ :stuck_out_tongue:

And i bet all the programmers out there has done it

We were in that one attached to the mall that had like 4 underground floors and a nightclub on the top floor and the pool…i dont remember the name tho

the one where the cops came cause there was apparently people throwing things off the balcony into the center of the hotel…since that is illegal i guess…fun stuff tho…and a great view

Well, for prototyping and testing purposes, we had allowed our pwm cables from live speed controllers just hang unplugged while we tested. Well, I went to turn on the bot, and a massive cloud of smoke rolled out from our eelctronics. I had completely burned the ground insulation off when a cable shorted the power screws to a victor. Luckily, the brain was unharmed.

A year or two ago, close to our entire team piled into an elevator and made an unexpected stop at the basement…

I guess we’re pretty mild.

I fried out camera… It was the first year we had them, the first week. I was given the task to figure it out… yeah

I once ate a grasshopper because I was told to… That really isn’t so stupid, but my mentor reads these forums :smiley: I think I’ll keep the REAL stupid to myself…

I’m not sure if this really counts since it wasn’t me, but one of our advisors decided it would be a great idea to drill a hole through the top of the gear box to grease up the gears.

Obviously, this did not work as well as he had hoped. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a few of the funnier things from this past season:


Probably the funniest thing that happened to the TechnoKats was when we were on the local news broadcast, and they put Kyle Love Student Leader under our lead teacher Chris Byam.

Well, we’ve shot a poof ball through a window… Don’t ask, we weren’t playing dodgeball (really, we weren’t)

We’ve built a blasting box for vaporizing steel cable and other high voltage small scale pyro stuff…

When trying to move our mill into the machine shop, we had to take the table off. Now this is a mill table, maybe 500 pounds. So we’re sliding it off to one side, when we suddenly realize there’s nowhere to put it. One huge dent in the pavement, a very loud noise, and a tiny hammerswing later, we had the mill table embedded about an inch into solid concrete. That was “fun.”

This is a video from the 2005 season. We just mounted our motors and trans and wanted to take a test drive. So we quick rigged an electronics board, and well the rest was just awesome.
The Test Video

I got a speeding ticket, going 40 in a 35.

It was 6:30 in the morning and I was driving in the hills of Austin, trying to find the all night Kinkos out there to do some stuff for the team. I wanted to be able to get it to one of the leads when the team met @ 8a.m. I was trying to find the speed limit signs (lots of trees) and was thinking 40 was probably about right when I went around a curve…just as I went around a curve, I thought, ‘hmm, this might be a 30 or 35 mph zone, it’s a little wind-y and curvy here…’ and as I slowed to 35, I saw a 35mph sign and also the red lights in my rear view. I pulled over, got my ticket and then asked directions to the Kinkos. The officer was very helpful. :slight_smile:

sidenote: the Kinkos couldn’t do what I needed even though I had called. I ended up going to one in by the university where I work that opens at 8 and I got to the team mtg. @ 9 - late anyway…

The best part of that video was at the end seeing all the adults watching

Yea we did something similar to that, we got really bored pre-season one day and decided to attach a classroom chair on to one of our robots with zip-ties :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and at the Waterloo regional our team member who was representing us during the playoff picking ceremonies had the biggest voice crack ever… imagine “610 graciously ACCEPTS (in a high pitch girly screech…)” I was in the pits and could barely hear what was going on, but i definitely could hear this horrible screech :ahh:

Anyone that says they have not is lying!

Same thing happened to my mentor.

Stupidest mistake I made? When I was supposed to disconnect the battery from a running motor I automatically just let it fall and stepped back. In this case though, the two wires fell into the connector completing the circuit and the rest is history :P. (Caused our welds to break!)