What's this number 80 in error math?

In some examples I’ve seen of tracking math, the error value is calculated by subtracting the centroid from 80. What does 80 mean? why is it 80?

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Anyway, this may have to do with the fact that on the horizontal axis, the center pixel is the 80th. That’s my guess anyway. Where did you see this?


Well we figured out that the 80 has something to do with driving and gyros, which isn’t what I’m doing at this time. However I now have another question. What is the range of the centroid values returned from the camera? 0-255?

[edit] oh and this is actually the lead programmer who’s too lazy to make an account posting

[edit] upon printfing the x centroid, it only returns 0 regardless of the light. Any idea what is causing this?

When the camera doesn’t “see” the light it returns 0 for the centroid.