What's up with 2019 Q334 (battery cable orientation)?

Q334 bending standard battery terminal leads

Are we allowed to bend 90 degrees the battery ends of the AndyMark battery cable or do the cables have to come straight away from the battery?

This one’s been outstanding three days, implying that the Q&A team is waiting on a team update. This appeared to me to be a pretty clear “The rules do not specify the direction battery cables extend from the battery.” What do you think is going on?

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Are you trying to figure out why the person asked the question or why it has not been answered?

Full disclosure, I was the person who asked that question in the first place. I was concerned about it being called modification of a part we weren’t supposed to modify.

Were you talking about rotating how they are attached to the battery (fine) or actually bending the metal terminal 90 degrees (you probably shouldn’t do this)?

I was talking about bending them.
Our battery slides horizontally bottom first into the back of the robot and we did not want cables coming out of the back.

The second. As I read the question, it is about re-orienting or bending the cable, not the terminal on the battery itself.

I suspect that bending the battery terminals will run afoul of R47. The first line in the Electrical section of the Inspection Checklist also addresses this.

Even if the Q&A rules that bending the battery terminals is legal, it would still be a very bad idea to do so. They are likely to crack and break off.

The forces needed to bend those terminals are also likely to crack the seals around the terminals. This would allow the battery acid to leak out, especially if the battery is on it’s side.

I would not recommend bending the terminals of the battery or cable, whether the rules allow it or not. As described above, definitely don’t bend the battery terminals. The cable terminals are not as bad, but are still not designed to be bent and the fatigue/stress from bending them could increase the connection resistance and may lead to premature failure (assuming you can get a 90 bend in it without it breaking)

If your battery slides in horizontally bottom first, I would try to find a way to have clearance for the cables to come out the “front” of the battery (up in your orientation) which can be accomplished just by rotating how the terminal is attached to the battery.

If you must come out the “side” of the battery I would recommend reterminating the cable with a 90 degree connector like this: https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/te-connectivity-amp-connectors/33466-1/A136075-ND/3533848

Thanks for all you advice. We ended up scrapping the mechanism that would have required this cable routing.

FWIW, the answer came back as I expected:

  • There are no rules requiring a specific direction for battery terminal leads to route away from the battery, nor are there rules that prohibit bending terminals.

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