What's up with Competition Music?

Ok, I was at the West Michigan Robotics Invitational today with my team 904, and it was just a blast! There were some great matches there and we all had a fun time.

But there was one really annoying thing. The music. It was the same music that I heard two days in a row at last year’s competition. The music is fine for one day, but for two days! I cannot take it!

I have a suggestion. For the first day how about playing the regular loud music, but on the other day tone it down a bit? Play some classical or at least turn the volume down?

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this topic?

It’s a FIRST thing, you gots to understand.

Well i’m so used to it I just simply don’t hear it anymore…

I’ve fallen asleep for like an hour at a time on super uncomfortable arena chairs with that music blaring. After a while you just seem to ignore it.

I only begin to notice it when I get Rick Roll’d twice at one event. :rolleyes:

Really though, I think the competitions need to mix it up a little bit more with the music, except for the staples of FIRST such as Thunderstruck at the start of the finals.

For actual competitions, music selection is hard. DJs get an approved list of what songs they can play, and sometimes it’s not enough variety to not double. Thursday’s there isn’t usually a supplied DJ, so you get what someone has on their ipod, and that’s almost a gaurantee to overlap on Friday or Saturday.

For off-seasons, you have to remember that playlist is generated by the hosts of the competition. Duckie, for Duel on the Delaware, takes requests and spends HOURS in front of her computer compliling a list. At the event, she keeps a list of what she’s played and what she hasn’t. She even has a separate playlist for dance songs (good for time outs). But sometimes overlaps STILL happen.

If you want to help, try to address your concern BEFORE an off-season. Find out who’s in charge of the music, suggest some appropriately themed (AND CLEAN) music to the “DJ,” and cross your fingers. That’s the best solution I can offer.

It kind of …is just the way it is.

when i am in the pit, driving, or coaching, i completely tune it out. i cant even hear my alliance partners drive team talking half the timed durring matches. i just learn to tune it out.

As the DJ for WMRI, I take this as a complement. :rolleyes:
I’ve been compiling my playlist for the better part of my FIRST career and this was the first time I’ve used it for an event. Next time I want to be the DJ, I won’t try to do Field Power Control/Scorekeeping at the same time though. That was a little much with all the field electronics problems we were having.

Sorry, that was a request from a team before the event. The first time they requested it in the morning, I put it on immediately, but apparently their guys who wanted to get out on the field and do the dance were taking the ACT. So they begged me to play it again later in the day and I caved. :stuck_out_tongue:

While most of the time the music at the events is appropriate, it is often way too loud. Like I-have-to-shout-to-be-heard-by-the-person-next-to-me loud, which constitutes unsafe conditions for prolonged exposure (per OSHA guidelines).

And, it would be a lot nicer if the DJs took some deeper cuts from time to time. Nothing too obscure, but just once [in a while] I’d like to hear something “fresh” in regards to FIRST events.

Maybe it’s O.A.R. Or Muse. Or The Bravery. Or Pendulum. Or Blues Traveler. Or some local/indie bands. It could be anything, really.

I agree. I think I got Rick Roll’d three or four times at TNT this year.
I understand that they have to keep with the FIRST type music but there are so many different songs out there that they don’t need to play the same songs over again.

While I’m hardly satisfied with current competition music, I can’t see a truly appropriate replacement. For example, I’m a metal fanatic, but I can’t see everyone appreciating it. And updating the music every year would be a disaster, since I cannot stomach most of the music that passes for popular on the radio and on MTV.

Mmmmm. Yes to Pendulum.

Out of curiosity, does anyone know how to become a DJ for FIRST events? I’ve got a hefty resume for Audio jobs, and plenty of experience DJing for the radio. SHAMELESS PLUG. I’d definitely be interested in doing some Audio for a competition. I don’t own the equipment, but I know I could run it…

check out VIMS on the First website, that is probably the best place to start.

I’ll be honest with ya. If the music wasn’t there, then that would take away from the competition. It keeps people’s voices up and it keeps people excited no matter where they are.

Whem im working in the pits and then driving durring matches I dont even notice the music. I will be honsted I started our reading this thread thinking…what are they talking about? They play music at the competions?..for about half a second.

Matthew Forman
MorTorq 1515

Between all the cheering, chanting, robots colliding, and running between the pit and the stands I don’t hear to much of an overlap or problem with the music. Variety would be nice, but I think we should give a hand to the DJ’s that have to go though the music. I’ve put together a playlist for an off season event before and while it was just a one day thing there were still problems with it.

I completely agree, try to contact the DJ and give them some ideas, then at least you can listen to some of the music you like.

I agree. I also find that when I am driving, if there is a song I know on (and I can hear it) I tend stop focusing on the game too much and drive on instinct. I drive better that way. (Does that make sense to anyone? I think I may have confused myself a little.)

The DJs are contracted by the regionals, you need to get hired by them. You will need to bring your own music and equipment to hook into whatever the AV guys have.