What's up with the safety animation?

So I found the safety animation pdf a few weeks ago, but never noticed the dates on it. It says that the deadline in Friday, December 9, 2011. At first, I just thought the year was a typo, but I looked it up. December 9 is a Sunday this year. Is this last year’s safety animation guideline? If so, where is this year’s? The version I’m looking at says the theme is “Sharing Safety is Caring”.

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That is last year’s.

I don’t believe that they’ve released this year’s one yet.

They’ve changed dates and all that to 2012 though… I’m so confused. If it’s last year’s, why would they post it again?

The season doesn’t start until 2013, so anything you see with 2012 on it means it was Rebound Rumble’s season.

FIRST usually announces the competition via email at the end of October or early November. The competition typically ends mid December. The information you have is from previous years.
Hope this helps.

Thank you very much, I’ll keep my eye out for it.

FIRST Posted the Safety Animation Contest rules!


Theme: “Make event safety a top priority”
Length: 40 seconds or less, including opening and credits
Format: Uploaded as a region one .iso image of a dvd
Deadline: December 13, 2012

WH-HOO! I am very excited. Now if only I could get my 3DS max working again…

Thank you!

A related question, looking at the Safety Animation rules, it doesn’t require that you use an Autodesk product. Is that something that is just understood, or can you use any animation software package you want?

That’s a really good point, I hadn’t noticed. There is one woman from Autodesk (that I know of) on Chief Delphi, but I don’t remember her name. Jennifer something? In any case, if you’re really curious, you could ask her.

Jenifer Goldfinch but Autodesk doesn’t handle the safety animation, UL does the judging on that one.

Since the rules don’t specify the software, I assume any animation program can be used. Heck, you can even video record a hand-drawn flip book!

However… The next animation contest (to be announced at the Kickoff) is sponsored by Autodesk, so naturally they require you to use their software. It might be a good idea to start learning it now, and the Safety Animation is the perfect incentive to do that.

My team is using the Safety Animation as a ‘practice round’ before the main competition. It’s a great chance to try out the software and make sure that everyone knows what they’re doing before build season (Which creeps ever closer!), so using Autodesk products to some extent is probably beneficial.