What's up with VEX Robotics?

Maybe it is just our team, but has anyone else been dealing with slow deliveries from VEX Robotics. I have placed 3 orders through them this season and on average it has been taking 18 - 20 days to receive our orders. All of the orders we have placed through REV Robotics, Andy Mark and WCP have taken 7 - 9 days.

I would recommend that you reach out to their customer support if you have not already. They would most likely be able to give you the most direct answer to why your order is taking the amount of time that it is.

I gave up after sitting on hold for 30 minutes.


What time of day did you call? I found the wait time was longer around lunch time (12 -1 pm CST)

I usually get a response same day if I email Vex. Not sure where you’re located, but The Robot Space is in Michigan and have excellent turn around times and customer service.


+1 for The Robot Space.

We usually try to order Vex brand items through there. They don’t always seem to have the newest components for sale yet (no VersaDM that I could find) but they are very quick, and for us being in Michigan, shipping is cheap and fast.

Plus since we crossed paths with 2337 at 5 events last year (Kettering Week 0, St Joe, Forrest Hills, State, Worlds), they delivered to our pits for every event we ordered something if I recall correctly.


WCP ships out almost instant for us. Plus They have amazing customer support and resolve problems in minutes. Our 2nd to last vex order took around 7 days to get shipped.


I called around 1:00pm CST.

Vex’s website says that they ship next business day. During build season, they seem to struggle to maintain that – we’ve had a couple of orders that went out two business days later. (I totally give them a pass on that) I suspect that they prioritize people who paid for faster shipping over us shlubs who just do ground. Once it gets out the door, though, it’s entirely up to the carrier. You should look at the date the order was submitted and when it was shipped. You’re in Oregon, so you’re not exactly close to their warehouse in Texas.

West Coast Products is closer to you and even their ground shipping should get to you in two days.

Everyone is constrained during build season. For example, we placed an order with West Coast in November, and still haven’t received their stuff. Though, this seems be due to not getting stuff from Vex’s end.

Wow. The items must have been back ordered. WCP has delivered everything we have ordered within 10 days. I believe we will just simply avoid ordering from VEX in the future. Having to wait for 20 days to receive an in-stock item is not acceptable in my opinion when we only have 6 weeks to build.

Did you place your VEX order via PO (purchase order) or with a credit card? VEX seems to respond much quicker to CC/PayPal orders than they do to POs.

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Yeah, it was their 3 CIM DS gearbox. We reached out to support last week about switching to the flipped ones, but haven’t heard back in the last 5 days. =|

VEX just turned around a pretty big credit card order for me today. Ordered late last night, shipped today this afternoon.

I wish the supplier of my other outstanding large order would be as responsive - we’re having a mini crisis of communications currently. :wink:


Exactly, I get our Vex stuff really quick. The other two large orders I have are taking forever!

CC orders only for this team. PO’s take too long.

Some teams do not have the luxury of using credit cards. This year our PO orders through VEX have taken twice as long as last year. Maybe their new PO process will remedy that. I just wish they would have communicated that better.

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There was literally a thread talking about those updates. They did communicate it quite well.

I still haven’t heard back from Customer Support and I emailed them a week and a half ago regarding parts that weren’t shipped with the 3 cim ball shifter gearboxes. It’s pretty frustrating.