What's with all the DQs?

I noticed that there were 11 DQs today.

Archimedes - 1
Carson - 2*
Carver - 3*
Curie - 2
Galileo - 0
Hopper - 0
Newton - 2
Tesla - 1*

    • incomplete results online

Can anyone shed some light? Inquiring minds and stuff.

Not showing up for a match.

One on Carver was for contacting a tote on the opponents side of the field while trying to take in some step cans.

Shouldn’t that only be a foul? Isn’t red card only if you contact an opposing robot?

Check out G18

It is a red card if it is considered strategic.

G18 ROBOTS may not contact any portion of an object where that portion is beyond the STEP. Momentary contact as a result of
ROBOT to ROBOT interaction, direct or indirect (e.g. via a RECYCLING CONTAINER), over the STEP is an exception to this rule.
If a ROBOT becomes inoperable or “stuck” while some portion of the ROBOT is extending beyond the STEP, the ROBOT will
not receive multiple FOULS.
VIOLATION: FOUL. If egregious or strategic, RED CARD.

Ah, thanks. Didn’t remember the “If egregious or strategic” part.

In Tesla, the DQ was 5627 who didn’t show up at Quals 3. I wish they had announcers to tell teams to send at least their human player so thier would be less DQs.

If for some reason the team in question hadn’t passed their initial inspection, they would have DQ’d the entire alliance if the HP showed up. Just a thought.

In Galileo, there was one team I know of that missed their first qualification match, and they didn’t get DQ’ed