What's Wrong with our Gyro???

Hey guys,

We have hooked up our gyro properly (found out about the weird naming convention for TW vs. RW the hard way) and have the gyro code working in what seems to be the right way. What we have seen is that the gyro will detect the angular velocity in one direction the proper way but spit out random numbers for the other direction. When we flip the gyro upside down the results are the same but, as expected, the working direction is the other one. My question is: how do we make the gyro give reliable results in both directions? We are using the 2008 KOP gyro.


Could you post your gyro code? I’m guessing you are having a type over flow problem. For example you may be assigning a negative value to an unsigned int which will give you nutty output in that direction.

The code we are using is exactly what is in Kevin Watson’s latest C18 3.0 code. The gyros are fully enabled and we are using his code for outputting the gyro_rate to the terminal window.

When you do a bias calibration, what value do you get?


i think my team is having the same problem with it spitting out randon numbers(im not the programing team) so ill ask them tomorrow