What's wrong with our roboRIO?

I’m sorry for reposting, but this is a serious issue for our team as we found that it is not solely an issue with arcade drive. We cannot even get our mecanum drivetrain moving correctly because of it. Our axises seem to be registering completely wrong and this has been a result of code compiled on both of our computers. For example, when we deploy code for a simple arcade drive (the default code with no changes), we have to use our joystick’s X axis to guide it forward and vice versa. What is wrong with our roboRIO?

I suspect that the fault is not in your roboRIO but in your motor wiring.

Try using tank drive to control the left side and right side motors independently. Make sure the correct motor goes in the direction you expect. If the wrong motor turns, correct the code in Begin.vi to tell it where the left and right motors are really connected. If the motor turns in the wrong direction, again correct the code in Begin.vi to invert it.

If you’re absolutely certain that your motors are wired properly, show us your Begin and Teleop code so we can make sure you haven’t done something that would cause what you are seeing.

Taken a step further, different controllers use different axis in different places. For instance, an Xbox controller is quite different than a Logitech gamepad in which axis are assigned where.

I suspect that whichever controller you are using does not have the layout of joystick axis in the manner that the code expects.

As Alan said, you need to determine which axis is activated in code when you move the joysticks, then assign them correctly to your VI’s in begin.