What's wrong with the new FIRST website - a running list

  1. The images in the carousel have too much motion and camera movement.
    It makes me ill when trying to find a link. (+1 Drive in Movie).
    The carousel images are too large.
    Also the carousel should have a pause button.

  2. Navigation drop down is transparent and thus has a small amount of contrast, which makes it hard to read. (not accessible for low vision users)

  3. The “For Teams” landing page looks the same for each age group. It should have some noticeable differences in addition to the title.
    Example: I found myself on the wrong TIMS page, but didn’t realize this until trying to sign in.

  4. Since I only support FRC, I would rather have a dedicated, stationary navigation link with the title “FRC”.
    Even better, the site would remember me and my preferences.

  5. Organization of the site and navigation titles.
    For example: “For Teams” is meaningless as all content is for a team.
    A better title might be “Team Management”. I also miss quick access to technical resources.

a UX Designer


Event data can’t be scraped/pasted with formatting into Excel.


I just noticed this earlier today, it looks like they’ve updated their match scores pages, it shows some event info now that might help you:



They also published an API a while back:


Thank you, but this information is a bit outdated. The 2016 API will be helpful when it gets released.


If you don’t have/don’t want a key for the FRCAPI, you can also use the TBA API.

@Navid, if you want help with getting data, PM me and I’d be happy to give a hand writing a Google Apps script to generate whatever spreadsheets you need.


Last I heard TBA and FRClinks were still pointing toward the old domain’s event pages? I’m looking to pull FIRSTinspires data. There has been inconsistency between the two at times. If that’s not the case, I’ll gladly work with TBA’s API.



We flipped a switch last week to feed TBA 100% off the FRCAPI (which is finally populated for 2016), so the data should be identical to the firstinspires pages. If you find any discrepancies, let me know and I’ll get them fixed.


Awesome, thank you.


Also, all the Championship information is still 2015. They don’t even have the dates up for 2016. Given that it’s just over 4 months away and hotel reservations have already opened, it seems like they should get on this pretty soon.


While we are on the subject, I have tried to find the new logos for download (the high res ones, they have zip files for the old logos on the old site), are they not on there yet or have I not looked in the right places?

Thank you!



Thank you, I don’t know why we couldn’t find that last night. :slight_smile:


For some reason I think it might have to do with the plethora of both structural and technical issues mentioned in this thread.


I have been unable to locate the “Stronghold” graphic. Does anyone know if it has been released yet? If so, where?


Visually, the FRC calendar page at http://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/calendar is not as functional as the old one. The new one has too much white space and requires too much scrolling. It doesn’t show enough on my screen at one time without scrolling.

Also, the entire site is in dire need of “breadcrumbs” across the top, that shows you where you came from and how you got to where you are, with clickable links that take you back to a higher level. The old site had this in a nice maroon colored bar at the top. See: http://archive.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/calendar/list

To not have that functionality on the new site is a big downgrade in my opinion.

One example of a place that I think does it pretty well is the NewEgg website.


Amen. The old site for this was much better.

I liked the ability to see all events sorted by week.

Why the 100 mile limit? We do an overnight trip to a 2nd regional, and are willing to go 500+ miles if it is the right week. Also, being in the Midwest, a 100 miles as the crow flies could be 200+ miles as the car drives around one of the Great Lakes.


Very surprised to see there is no link to the webcast or mention of the kickoff on the home page of the FIRST webpage.


There is not a clear starting point for rookie teams or those new to FRC to find information about the control system.

Under “Game and Season” there needs to be a “Start Here” or “What to do First”

I visited 3 rookie teams and one 2nd year veteran team in my area this past week after the kickoff and not one person at these teams knew about the “Getting Started with the 2016 Control System” from WPI. There is no mentioning of it at a high level. You must already know its name to be able to search for and find it.

You try it! Pretend you are a rookie and try to find help on what you should do, step by step, to set up your control system starting at

It is not under “Manuals / Game Q & A”
It is not under “Kit of Parts” (This is where it was located on the OLD usfirst.org web site)
It is not under “Technical Resources”
You can find it under “Resource Library”. But down 3 pages pass all the Position Summary for the volunteer jobs at the competition.

Some of the team member said they had looked at Resource Library but “there are too many documents”

Remember we were all a rookie once.

We need something that the rookie teams can find very easy that gets them started without them having to already know about it.


“Download latest copy of Q&A” link doesn’t work.



On this page ( http://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/awards ) there are two issues:

  1. The link to Woodie Flowers FInalist Award Winners at the bottom of this page takes you to a page that does not list any Woodie Flowers Finalist Award winners.
  2. There should be a link on this page to the awards manual, and there is not.

Also, generally, I’m not a fan of many pages containing main navigation links to the right side of the content. It’s counter intuitive to the English language (and many others) which are read from left to right, and many software workflows that go from left to right.