What's Your 10 Favorite Robot Videos?

I am looking for the top 10 robot revealing videos of all time.

My hope would that people would post videos with an explaination as to why they nominate it. Then, after we have a good number of videos everyone could come to a consensus. (Ya, I know, like that’ll ever happen.:wink: )

Hopefully as the years go on people could continue to add videos to be considered and voted upon.

In the future this thread could serve as a reference to members looking to make a video for their team; and, hey, it might be a little fun too.

Oh, and I was thinking that a similar thread for chairmen’s videos could be a fun and interesting resource, if anybody is interested in this idea give a holler in this thread and I’ll start one up.

So I’ll start 'er off.


This is 118’s video from 2007.
This video was drivetrain oriented. However, I really like the way they showed a glimpse into the design of their gearbox. I also thought the way they showed off their robot’s acceleration, speed, and torque was fun and interesting. (pushing around people and bins of batteries) Oh, and the music was great too!

Wildstang 2004. (period)

After years and years of building one of the best robots in FIRST, Wildstang won their first championship in 2003. Their theme for the 2004 unveiling video: “Encore.” Sooooo bad@$$.

This video was a huge morale boost for me in the middle of a rough season. I think we watched it about a million times that year, and many times since.

The Robowranglers have been trying to be this cool with our videos ever since.


PS - As I pulled up the YouTube video, the first 5 seconds played out loud. My girlfriend commented from the other side of the room – “Is that Encore?” Yeah… this video had an impact.

I was going to make a different thread (“What makes a good robot video?”) but this one will work.

I’ll throw in one (I don’t want to write up one for 10 right now).

Robowranglers 2010 - All videos are more intimidating during week 6 than afterward, but this one still gives me the same shivers I got after ship. The Robowranglers have clearly made steady improvement to their ship videos since their 2007 entry, and 2010 clearly does it best. It’s simultaneously overwhelming and well paced, showing off one robot feature at a time as you’re amazed by each one.

Honorary mention (not an unveiling video):
Has anyone out there in FIRST world seen the Beatty 2002 season recap video? Yeah… that one is also up there. That video changed my entire design mentality.

Great thread idea.


857 2002: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho7OK7Ylvu0

Even though it isn’t the most exciting video, 573’s reveal video is short, sweet, and to the point:

We’re planning on doing something awesome for this year, so when it happens, I will be sure to post it here.

Even though its not FIRST related, but this is the best robot video I have ever seen.

I just love it.

The Robonauts in 2010. Purely for the last 10 seconds of this video. Pretty much the best 10 seconds of FIRST footage ever. Kudos to 118 for pulling this off with so much style.

Does anyone have this still?

Yes!!! Darn it, Karthik, you beat me to it.

Team 190 Robot Vaults over 237 at River Rage '04

Hey Guys,

Some great videos. I just want to reiterate a little. Although there are some super awesome match videos out there (and the like) this is not really the place for them.

Although it doesn’t really matter if is specifically an unvailing video or not (maybe a recap of a robot’s season?) I would prefer that all videos are actually made by teams and not just recorded. (if that makes sense?)

Thanks a lot, Bryan Culver

I’ll throw another video into the mix.

118 unvailing 2008

I just love the beginning. It does a great job of building suspense. Probably one of my favorite starts to a video. However, after that it does get a little repetitive. (there wasn’t that much to show off in overdrive) Overall though, quite well made.

this is not actually of a robot, but it is still pretty neat.

all of my favorites have been posted but my top 3 are, in no particular order
118 in 2010
111 in 2004
and 148 in 2010

2009 - 1114 Simbot Panthro: http://www.vimeo.com/3277978

The begining was bitter sweet, since I love being on the floor on Einstien at the end of the World Championship, but knowing we were on the losing end of this one. Then 1114 unvieling a robot exactly that we intended to design and build… but we struggled to get it to be effective.

2009 - 148 Tornado: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCVLZFyEI1Y

Great video, great soundtrack, incredible robot design.

Between the 1114 video and this one, we decided a major re-build would be needed, right before competition, to be competitive.

Honorable mention to 118 in 2008, had me freaking out that our arm would not be able to compete with catapults…luckily I was talked out of that one.

Red Green’s robot:

2849 amsazing work at log lisland



I believe all of mine have already been mentioned. I guess that means we need some more this year!

These two videos are great (below), but my vote goes to “Team 190 Robot Vaults over 237 at River Rage '04” (see Rsisk’s post)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLZlJEhXmpE Rowdy 11 “Hanging Around” at Buckeye (regional)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqzFGpsbGsM&feature=fvw Team 706’s crab drive robot from 2009

I second this.

-Scott Bahl