What's your day job?

I am newly a software engineer working on products relating to high-volume mailing solutions and data-quality products. It’s been an exciting new challenge and a complete change of pace from the mechanical design work I’ve done for the prior 6 or 7 years.

Previously, I was a mechanical designer working on destructive and non-destructive crash test systems for automotive and aerospace applications.

I am an electrical engineer working for a large computer and technology company. I develop automated test equipment used to determine the performance and expected life of our products as well as to track down process and manufacturing problems. I have also worked with automated electro mechanical systems, automated test and measurement equipment, ultra high speed imaging systems, high volume manufacturing lines, PLC’s, lasers, microwave systems, MEMS devices, and more. I hold several utility patents and have a few new ones in the works. But the best thing about my job is that it helps to provide me the knowledge and resources to pursue all manner of fun after hour projects in my secret lair, a laboratory workshop hidden behind a secret passageway in my basement.

My Job Title is Engineering Designer & Project Manager at a shelter company based out of NJ and I’m also a part time student. My involvement in FRC is primarily why I was offered a job here while still in HS and part of why I got the hang of things so quickly. My employer is a big supporter of FRC, he was the title sponsor for my former team.

After Robotics, I am an aircraft mechanic, working on commercial and military engines for Kelly Aviation Center/Lockheed Martin… i mainly work on the the Accessories for the engines like the Main Engine/Fuel Controls

Current Job title:
Senior Project Engineer Pratt & Whitney, Mechanical Systems and Externals, Next Generation Product Family

This means I run a team of designers and structural engineers that designs the parts on the outside of our next generation aircraft engines. Currently I work on the engine for the Bombardier C-Series that will be making its first flight late this year or early next year.

Prior to that I designed, tested and installed Geothermal powerplants for UTC Power and Pratt & Whitney Power Systems, same product 2 different divisions of the corporation.

Prior to that I designed fuel cells for automotive, mass transit and commercial applications at International Fuel Cells/UTC Fuel Cells/UTC Power.

I teach, primarily AP Biology, and have done so for half of my life. My job is to prepare future doctors for the rigors of college by challenging them in high school.
In my non-teaching time I do the same for future engineers by putting them through FRC. Occasionally I get students where the disciplines overlap and really great things happen.

On top of that my wife and I have raised 4 children of which three have followed the engineering path through FRC. Family is a full time job in itself.

My day job is a never ending facet of my life and my quest for happiness,knowledge and inner peace proceeds unabated.

The various things I do for moolah:

High School Teacher: Physics, Robotics, American Sign Language
College Adjunct Instructor: American Sign Language
Writer (sold several short stories; first novel coming out this fall)
Beekeeper (doubling my number of colonies this spring… could get interesting!)

I have worked for DuPont for 23 years (showing my age, now).

I have a BS and BS in Engineering Mechanics from Penn State.

For the first eight years at DuPont, I was part of our Early Career Engineer rotational development program, where I had an opportunity to try out a number of different engineering assignments. I was in product development for composite materials for satellites and aircraft, then worked as a structural analysis consultant. My last assignment was a recruiter for the rotational development program. I really enjoyed the assignment and it catapulted me into a human resources career at DuPont.

My current role is University Relations & College Recruiting Manager for our US Talent Acquisition group at DuPont. In my job, I coordinate college recruiting activities in the US and Puerto Rico. The recruiting involves student employees (co-ops and interns) and early career graduates, BS, MS, and PhD. Most of the engineers we hire are chemical, mechanical, and electrical.

If you are interested in more information, drop me a line or connect with me on LinkedIn.

It’s been a great career and, on top of it all, I’ve been involved with FIRST for 13 years!

“Why yes, actually I AM a rocket scientist” I work for Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne; currently I’m modeling hardware for the Space Launch System (SLS). I’m actually using my Master’s thesis code to perform weight optimization of propellant tanks and fairings and generate parametric CAD models of the hardware for trade studies.

But for most of my career, the answer would have been “If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you”. I can neither confirm nor deny that I’ve worked on alot of pretty cool stuff. I’ve worked for the Jet Engine side of Pratt & Whitney, the Undersea side of Lockheed Martin, the Space & Rocket side of Boeing, and a Nuclear Plant at TVA, always doing structural / mechanical design and analysis.

Materials Handler.
A fancy way to say fork truck driver. If you ever been to Home Depot or Lowes and seen an employee driving around one of those stand up fork truck (narrow aisle fork trucks) those are the ones I drive. But they don’t close up any aisles when I drive around. I’m just required to look out for civilians while I drive around delivering parts.

Officially I am a Broadcast Engineer for the most watched Public Television Station and arguably the best Classical FM radio station in the country. (We at least have the largest music collection) I am one of five people who design, install and maintain our broadcast plant. My primary responsibility is audio and as such I watch over the TV and FM On Air audio performance, multitrack recording studios, and just about anything from microphones in the studio to the transmitters on Sears Tower. Our largest audio desk is a 128 input, 96 track automated console with both digital and analog outputs totaling nearly 200 and up to 7 channel (film style) surround mix-down. I have just completed installation and design of a fully digital news audio control system also in 5.1 surround. Currently I am working on a refit for the radio station of 5 studios and network operations with all new digital consoles using audio over IP. This station has produced some of the best music for television programming over the years. This includes the Soundstage series (which I have been part of since the very beginning), Jazz programs with Ramsey Lewis, Chicago Symphony and Opera companies, Ravinia Music Festival, and all kinds of one time only music shows. I began TV work at my high school so that makes this my 47th year in broadcasting.

I am a Flight Test Engineer for the Navy. My job includes planning, conducting, and reporting on flight test projects for Naval Aircraft. I can draw a direct link between my participation in FIRST as a student to my college internship to my current position with the DOD. Without FIRST on my resume I would not have gotten my internship which provided me with the experience necessary to get hired into my current job.

I am the Education Lead for the Professional Services Division of a Business Intelligence Software Company. I manage a team of Education Consultants, work with our customers to develop and deliver training, act as the project manager for all major education initiatives within the company, and even, occationaly, get to teach once in awhile! Years ago, I was a local HS Physics, Chemistry, and Earth/Space Science teacher, before going to work as an Education Consultant for a number of companies. I also have taught at the local college, as an adjunct professor in the Computer Science Department.

While that job pays the bills, my true passion is teaching the kids on our team! So I still teach Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Science to HS students - I just don’t get paid by the school system, but I get “paid” by being able to see our students grow and develop!

When I am not at school. I work at a small company called Fastenal (Indiana distribution center). I work in what they call unit load. Just another word for moving items and packages. But I do get to use a robot crane all day and its a good job for a college student, like me.

Research Scientist/Software Engineer in the robotics lab of a major aerospace contractor in the Philadelphia area.

I work in “applied research and development”, a middle ground between cutting-edge university research and productization. We are funded by organizations like DARPA, ONR, AFRL, etc., to evaluate and develop new technologies in robotics for use by the Department of Defense. Some areas that I work in on a daily basis are autonomous path planning/AI, computer vision, robotic manipulation, and guidance/navigation/control (GNC) for a variety of robotic platforms (land, air, surface, submerged).

I design transmissions for John Deere tractors. Prior to Deere, I designed on-highway truck transmissions for Eaton and before that tank transmissions for GE. Interesting FIRST connection - IKE from the Killer Bees now works with the GE transmission that I worked on in the mid 1980’s.

Researcher/mechanical engineer in the Human Neuromechanics Laboratory at the University of Michigan.

Currently, I’m working on the development of a robotic ankle orthotic (and its controller) for use by people who might not have control over how their ankle moves.

That’s the answer we get from some of our Honeywell mentors. Either that, or we get the response of “We work on the non-nuclear components of nuclear missiles.”

As for me, I’m just a junior in High School. I’d like to get into some internships that are engineering related (Electrical or mechanical) just to get some outside-of-FIRST experience. I just have absolutely no idea where to look…any advice would be appreciated (PM me preferably)

Thanks everyone, fascinating to see how CD makes the world work.

I had the opportunity to intern at Boeing Commercial Airplanes last summer, and when I graduate in May I’m going back. I worked in stability and control (ie making sure the airplane does what the pilot commands), and it looks like that is where I’ll be going when I get back. Most of my work involved running simulations, but we support flight testing and tunnel tests too.

The summers of my 1st and 2nd years of college I worked at a vintage car auction. Tracking the paperwork got tedious, but moving the cars was always fun!

I am an Electrical and Software Engineer for AREVA NP. I design control systems for robots and manipulators for non-destructive examination of Nuclear Power Plants.