What's Your Favorite Autonomous (or Hyrbid) Ever?

From all past seasons, what robot has had the best autonomous strategy or most effective play? What team(s) consistently have highly ranked autonomous modes?

I’ll start off:
Team 11 (gotta add it in there) MORT in 2006- Around the end of the season and in Newton we were going 10/10 in our autonomous. Unfortunately we aren’t this consistent every year.

Team 25- Raider Robotix is consistently the best in autonomous in NJ and one of the best in Atlanta. They never cease to amaze me.

Team 71- The BEAST was having some issues during hybrid this year in Atlanta but was still one of the dominant hybrid scorers this year. I haven’t seen them any other years so add onto their history if you wish.

Team 103- I haven’t seen many of the Cybersonics’ matches in previous years but their hybrid in Trenton was amazingly quick and agile.

Team 375- Robotic Plague had an intense autonomous in 2007, one of the first teams to successfully cap their keepers in autonomous that season.

Team 1114- Simbotics is another team that consistently has an amazing autonomous. From that glorious hybrid this year to their awesome spider leg capper in 07.

add on!

I started up in FIRST last year ('07), and Foley Freeze’s (frc910) auto still amazes me :ahh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecZ4ghaYwTk

Granted it was an off-season event, but still the most amazing thing I’ve seen so far. I also enjoyed the 6 keeper auto at IRI that year: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U02DOVK0mFQ

Consistency from year to year is a little tougher to gauge, since The Big Goal In Autonomous Mode isn’t necessarily the one that teams choose to do. (2005 comes to mind.)

That said, some favorites come to mind:

25 in 2006: These guys had it nailed. When folks at New Jersey started aiming their autonomous at them, they implemented a delay to throw them off again. It’s definitely a contributing factor in their undefeated streak stretching from New Jersey through Vegas and all the way to Saturday in Atlanta.

111 in 2003: StangPS was ahead of its time. Chart out your waypoints, download to the robot, run. In a game where autonomous execution was a huge advantage, you couldn’t beat it.

254/968 in 2006: It was a simple autonomous–drive forward and shoot. They couldn’t pan, due to the design of the robot, but its ability to abort the run based on sensor feedback (such as, say, due to a hit) made it more powerful than similar teams’ designs.

1902/1369 in 2007: The keeper wasn’t as big as some years’ autonomous goals, but 1902 (and, to a lesser extent, its twin 1369) were able to execute beyond compare, all the way to Einstein in the former’s case.

**1114 in 2008: **To steal a label from another Canadian, the Simbots of this past season were The Excellence of Execution. I don’t think there was anyone more effective at both lines and balls.

1519 in 2008: Reports of Speed Racer getting two laps in autonomous at some off-season events should send chills down the line of everyone.

910 in 2007: Two keepers in a match where most matches were lucky to even see one attempted. I don’t know if it would’ve stuck as well in the regular season, where autonomous countermeasures are more likely to develop, but the feat is undeniable.

I would like to say 233 last year, 2007.

237 - 2005 - They could do the impossible… Cap the vision tetra:yikes:
190 - 2004 - Nobody stops Gompei!
980 - 2003 - I remember that bot from 2003 Cal-Games. The box-basher-arm thingy was awesome. :smiley:

Found some vids of 980 too.

1024 in 2008. They rarely wound up in a traffic jam.

I forgot that it was 910 last year attempting to get 2 in auto (I know they succeeded at least once, but I can’t remember if it was at Kettering.) This year 910 at kettering was getting 6 lines and 2 balls. I’d be curious to see just how many lines someone could make speed racer (1519’s speed bot) to get in auto… It was capable of doing a lap in 6 seconds, which means it could theoretically make about 10 lines… be neat to see it happen.

Oh yeah… 190’s 2004 auto was pretty amazing… though i’m pretty sure we hung on top of them at 2004’s wonderland invitational…

Your second link is the same as the first.

980 and 233 in 2005

Just wondering, does anyone have links or vids for these awesome autonomous or hybrids

190 in 2004 is my top favorite, then comes 233 in 2007, and then our(1519) Speed Racer with 9 lines in hybrid-http://www.mechanicalmayhem.org/teamvideos.asp

A lot of the 06 ones are on TBA from Atlanta.

Link fixed.

How did I forget this hilarious doozie?:smiley: It takes skill to balance those rings :]

It was way before its time, which is why it is easily my favorite. Here is a video of how it worked http://www.wildstang.org/main/stangps.php and some of it in action: http://www.wildstang.org/main/video.php?year=2003

Team 60 in 2003 and Team 980 in 2003, and Team 980 in 2005 were favorites of mine.

I like this version better because it shows the insanity after it happened (match to win the finals, last match of the year).

Also, if we get a chance to incorporate the obstacle avoidance sensors and code that we already have on our 2008 bot, then at WMRI next month we’ll crank up the auton driving speed (currently at 58%) to 100% and let it fly. That could get us 8-9 lines and 2 balls. Also our auto-ball capture would be fun after the second ball knock but we’d have to be lucky to have time to launch it.

Aren’t robots just the coolest toys ever!


Yeah, buddy. It figures you two guys would beat me to this pick. There are others that were as visually jaw dropping, but StangPS flat out revolutionized automode in FIRST.

Thanks. Baxter Bomb Squad (16) had a crazy fast auto mode that year. I don’t think I have seen anything as fast as that ever.

Hey our robot did it too (624)

well it was on… but didn’t count. Talk about stressfull

66 in 2005 could cap the vision tetra in auto as well