Whats your favorite color?

i searched and didn’t find one. i also have meet a lot of people who like the same colors as i so i wondered.

you missed pink…but i don’t like that color anyway.

i’m a turquoise person. not a straight green or blue but any combination of the two lights up my eyes. then again i haven’t been to the beach in almost a year and haven’t snorkeled since 5th grade and i’m probably REALLY nostalgic.

Of course mine has to be the MOE green :smiley:

You should change the order of the options (if you can) so that the bars are the same color as the option.
If possible, that would be teh cool.

Uhm red and black. :wink:

You also forgot “clear”! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like blue and green. I only voted for green though in the poll.

Gotta vote for red, GO CANADA!!!

Purple man! It’s just so pretty, no matter what shade you use. =D

Come on guys, you have to love the green and gold! :smiley:


you forgot pink :frowning: lol well i like blue too. its really cool lol

I like a deep, darker green, like the color of a forest’s leaves in mid summer.

have to go with the classic blue

OK…so what happened to PINK!? are u serious? i love that color because i always feel so feminine in it! hehe u should add it!

Red, Black, and White :stuck_out_tongue:

and on that note
LIGHT BOX GREEN!! :smiley:

When I worked at Sayette, making LCD based video projectors, we had a system that could get 24 bit color from a 12 bit LCD panel.

We advertised it as 16.8 million colors. Some of our competitors also had 24 bit color, but they called it 16.7 million colors.

Every once in a while a customer would ask us why we have 16.8 million instead of 16.7 million. We told them our projectors can display 100,000 more colors than the competition

and we started of list of names for those 100,000 extra colors that only we could do: Morning summer mist, Rainforest twilight, cyrstal lavender, Sierra Sienna…

we had our list up to around 40 names, when someone asked us about the extra colors we’d start rattling off the names, and then say “we can send you the whole list if you want it”. A lot of people thought we were serious!

In reality, we simply rounded 2^24 up to 16.8 M, instead of rounding it down to 16.7M :^)

Pink, because its just Fablous!!!

It doesn’t matter what color it is, as long as it’s PINK.
ps it’s my new obsession…

there is a pearl-y cream iridescence that is inside of a shell
and there is a robin’s egg blue
there is a coral peachy pink of the sunset
and then there is the pale yellow of a baby duck
there is the deep dragonfly purple
and then there is the green of ferns in the forest
there is the midnight blue of star nights
and then there is the brown of my dog’s eyes

that’s my favorite :smiley:

sweet sweet pink :wink:

that awesome color of blue that doesn’t have a name because it’s just so… awesome