What's your favorite team freebie you've gotten?

Looking for what everyone’s favorite freebies/giveaway items are for an upcoming recruitment event. We have buttons of course, but I’m looking for something that if a potential team member takes it home it will get used frequently or at least not get tossed in a junk drawer and forgotten like so many pens I’ve gotten from various businesses. I’d like to keep it fairly low cost, but not so cheap that I’m just creating future garbage a week after the event. Our team does have access to a sponsor’s Markforged 3D printers, so that’s always an option as well.

Thanks everyone!

I’m biased, but custom coloring books are near the top of my list.

148 Coloring Book - 2019 (2.7 MB)


Definitely biased, but we used to give out plastic, telescoping swords.

I think I still have a 217 rubber chicken from 2008 Worlds.

Also 88 gave out machined aluminum cubes which were pretty sweet.

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Very cool coloring book, next time maybe don’t make the sudoku blatantly impossible.

Also, the color by numbers is way to detailed. You guys should limit yourselves to 9 colors tops.

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I have a little yellow rubber duck. With horns…


Feels like 100 years ago now but in 2011 the Mech Tech Dragons, 422 gave out Chapstick at the Chesapeake Regional. This was before Burt’s Bees and let me tell you it was good Chapstick.

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2370 gives out little toys with their logo on it, oftentimes shaped like the game pieces, though not always. I have a tennis ball, a yellow squish ball that looks like a cargo, and a HAB Crab. They are amazing and I love them.

The 1678 lasercut and engraved acrylic keychains are just the right size and aesthetically appealing to make it onto a keychain.


179 gator plushie

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My junior/senior year, I thought it’d be cool to have a coloring page station as a part of 3128s pit both to destress (inspired by Hear for You) and to raffle off our iconic Narwhal horns. Suffice it to say it was a great success and I’m glad the tradition still lives on as it’s become a great way to engage other FIRSTers and those who visit events as spectators!

As for my favorite freebie from this season, one of the cutest pins I’ve gotten by far, barring some of the 2102 ones I got as a student, have to be from FRC 8564 Disco Ducks from Indiana. The lil duck pins they handed out seemed to be a hit with everyone and I’m happy to have snagged one at DCMP :blue_heart:

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Probably my “proud parent of a robot” pin but 2nd place was a blue pixelated rubber duck from 2018

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