What's YOUR Googlism?

After starting the FIRST one, I thought it’d be fun to see what came up for first and last names of ChiefDelphi users if Google-ized… Here’s mine

“lisa perez is a good government teacher”
… Well, thank you :slight_smile:

“lisa perez is an assistant professor at minnesota”
… Guess I got my doctorate already

“lisa is forever smiling”
… True dat

“lisa is a ny yankees fan”
… Sorry, nope… Go Tigers!

“lisa is set to go wild in zambia”
… Hmm…

“lisa is a first year mechanical engineering student whose hobbies are playing in a band”
… Now that one actually comes somewhat close

(I’m sorry! I was bored! It’s my last day of summer though so you won’t have to worry about any more extremely weird threads from me… Well… Never mind… :stuck_out_tongue: )

well, they didnt know about me yet :ahh:
so i just used my first name.
so just the interesting ones…
ryo is snow white and touma is supposed to be the prince :eek: im snow white??
ryo is his japanese name…why yes,. yes it is.
ryo is definitely one thing i love to describe :rolleyes:
ryo is stopped by two men in black suits :eek: uh-oh
ryo is fairly tall for being nipponese…you mean japanese?
ryo is a cat…uhh. no im not?

I have a few interesting ones:
“joshua is dead” - Sixth Sense thing going on here
“joshua is 18 years of age and a special child” - Correction, I’m 17 and a special child
“joshua is the tallest of my children and is even taller than his dad at 6’5” - I didn’t think I was that tall
“joshua is a hardened criminal who is estranged from his family and banished from the streets of little odessa” - How did they know that?
“joshua is a major screamer during diaper changes” - Don’t even go there
“joshua is an alien who has been disguised as an african” - Wow, I didn’t even know that

jeff is 2xtreme*~
jeff is student of the year
jeff is a god
jeff is the man
jeff is optimal for processors" "our hardware java processor is optimized to support jeff
jeff is so sweet
jeff is the sexiest man
jeff is god
jeff is the greatest
jeff is hot
jeff is all that and a bag of chips
jeff is a “guitar hero” in the waiting

Ruh roh:

“Are you that morally bankrupt, Ms. Norman? Of course, Christina Norman would never answer any questions, as she is hiding under her desk right now.”… umm… i thought my morals were pretty well intact

“Christina Norman’s Resume: photographer at mall for Easter Bunny”: I won’t deny it, i am a fan of that bunny’s work

“Christina is only 150m-450m from the most beautiful beaches of the island”… Oh really… how come I haven’t seen these beautiful beaches??

“Christina creates the urge to be creative and original, we point out that it causes procrastination, lack of confidence, and the inability to realize your goals and ambitions.”… okay i’m still trying to fish out the compliment in that one…

that was actually kind of entertaining lol :wink:

Let’s see what’s said about Jason Hartmann.

“Jason Hartmann has lead the Oregon cross country squad since coming to Eugene from Rockford, Michigan”

I’ve never been to Oregon or Michigan. Closest I’ve been is Chicago, Illinois.

“Talk/Court Judge Hatchett, Judge Hatchett Today: Jason Hartmann vs. Rebecca Hartmann”

Hmmm, I don’t know anyone named Rebecca nor am I married.

“Jason Hartmann, Senior Staff Engineer, Flight Training Centre, United Airlines, USA.”

I guess I did a good job training the pilots. When my company flew me to live in Chicago last year I flew United and had a smooth flight. :stuck_out_tongue:

“… 07-04-2004, 12:44 PM. Jay H 237. “Teams’ MacGyver”. AKA: Jason Hartmann. Team
#0237 (Sie-H2O-Bots [TRIBE]). Team Role: Mentor. Joined: Dec …”

Apparently there’s someone named Jason Hartmann going by the alias Jay H 237 on something called ChiefDelphi Forums. You just have to feel sorry for those on that forum! :rolleyes:

“Steve is still consistently on the air in blue’s clues episodes rerunning on nick jr” - am I? That’s news to me…

“Steve is wondering if the ‘goldfish 3 second memory span’ is an urban myth” - That’s a very odd one…

“Steve is home now” - How did they know???

“Steve is spamming the board again” - oh, sorry! I’ll try to do this less often then :smiley:

“Sorry, Google doesn’t know enough about john v-neun yet.”



I’ll have to have people google bomb me…

paul h is as well known as he is liked in the scene and has built up a wealth of experience at such a young age that he can only be admired by others <–What can I say
paul h is the friend that owns the pokemon website <–Ummm…
paul h is long gone but many others have helped to keep the team going <–I’ve only been gone for a few months!
paul h is a tough one <–I try to get to the gym once a week
paul h is the man <–That’s right!
paul h is caught up in the carnage <–Not so sure about that
paul h is a good date but how interested is he? i think as a friend <–Haha
paul h is organising this one <–I never organize anything!
paul h is a vegetarian <–Not true!
paul h is the best person to provide information about the ubiquity of phi in nature <–Yeah…uhhh…ask me about it any time!
paul h is my f****** hero <—WOW!
paul h is not towing this time

paul huston is to call jim honsberger with the city of london regarding the parking lot situation <–I really need to get on that
paul huston is working on the miniature nockmaar castle <–It’s almost done!

That was fun! :yikes:

Mangia, my last name, because people seem to dislike my first name enough to not use it. :wink:

“mangia is the executive director of a network of free medical and dental clinics for children in los angeles”
that’s about my cousin

“mangia is also an activist who has been building independent not”
also my cousin, a big player in the green party

“mangia is italian for eat”
YOU try growing up as the fat kid when your last name means eat! :wink:

“mangia is available for instant download”
that’s right folks, just click here…

“mangia is great”
NOW we’re talking…

“mangia is a long reach into absurdity”
accurate enough…

googlisms for roger (RogerR and Roger Riquelme are unknown to google…)

roger is in hawaii this week if only…
roger is dead *and *roger is not dead i’m not sure which to believe…
roger is 4 years old maybe intilectually…
roger is a rescue rabbit !?
roger is being mugged well i always called them “taxes”…
roger is going for “the butt vote” in his quest for prominence apperently my quest isnt going well…
roger is built on brotherly love indeed i am
roger is a popular dining spot and watering hole for sailors uh-oh…
roger is attracted to a woman named elaine she sounds charming…
roger is forced to become drunk i hope not…
roger is the “old pro” i sure am
roger is <–by far my favorite

Just my first name:
ryan is america’s premier career - Didn’t know I was a career
ryan is professor of information technology and - And what!?!
ryan is advocate for education - Yep, learn now, before your brain starts to die off. Boy, that’s encouraging. :smiley:
Really good ones: :wink:

  • ryan is a beauty at
  • ryan is the coolest person ever
  • ryan is so cool

ryan is a real estate agent - No, but my dad is. (Visit his site. Unfortunately, I’m not done with the new one yet; can’t give that to you. :))
ryan is an idiot - What!!
ryan is still an idiot - What!! Still.
ryan is described as being in a coma in southern california with brain injury from a fall of three stories - Um…

ryan is a republican - Hey, got one right at least. :slight_smile:

The list is really long. Read it yourself.

A link to this googleism application would be nice, unless you just want me to make stuff up…:rolleyes:

Googlism :slight_smile:

Not Me…

  • Ben Lauer, who has been getting his hair cut at Lerma’s
    for the past 10 years
  • Twelve students had perfect attendance at Central Middle School this year. They were honored during the awards ceremony on the last day of school June 8. Congratulations to these students on their accomplishment: Matt Birr, Ben Lauer
  • Ben Lauer Kalamazoo Academy, Kalamazoo Teacher

Actually Me…

  • Group name Brian Birgenheier Ben Lauer Casey Womack. Project Name. Rail
    Runner. (Engineering camp)
  • 5 IRISH DEVILS 00:00.0 ( 0) 0:59:53.8 0:26:23.8 (08:47.9/293) 1:14:17.6 CHRISTINA LAUER W 15 CAROLYN LAUER W 19 BEN LAUER M 14 (Triathlon team)
  • 2 TEAM PIKE 10:25.5 ( 33) 0:32:18.9 ( 0.0 mph/116) 0:17:05.7 (05:41.9/ 9) 0:59:50.1 PHILLIP SCHWEIN M 17 SARAH MITCHELL W 16 BENJAMIN LAUER M 18 (Another Triathlon)

george chen is hosting the mewtron site
george chen is also hosting the mewtron sitering
…if I had the webspace i might…

george chen is the mastermind behind it

george chen is responsible for successful implementation of the mars global surveyor
note: that WASN’T the one that went headfirst into Mars

george chen is the evening?s presenter

george chen is appointed chair of the board of british columbia transit for a two year term

george chen is rescinded

george chen is a staff design engineer for marvell semiconductor
haha not.

george chen is expanding his formosa gardens in osceola county

george chen is a;mst finished painting a spectacular map which will then be
that doesn’t even make sense!

george chen is a significant example of how americans and chinese are rewriting the ministry playbook
oh good, i make a difference.

george chen is a very versatile player
you’re dang right.

george chen is dead to me

george chen is a chinese energy healer who has been instructing over 10 years
ahahahahahaha…i need that power.

katie reynolds is among the student

katie reynolds is currently involved in an internship as a student interviewer in the au admissions office

that’s all I get :frowning:

corey is wearing a pimp hat
corey is a founder and chief executive officer of ntirety technologies based in boston
-i wish
corey is supposed to be the stalked one cough-elgin-cough
-not true these days
corey is an exuberant and gifted young man
-it knows me all to well
corey is still pathetic
-too well i guess
corey is the metaphor for death
-hmm am i now
corey is affiliated with the miami dolphins
-soon enough
corey is so beautiful
corey is now working on perfecting his game
-in fact i am-hold em is my game-working on razz

Wow… do I get a ton of things.

Elgin Clock:
elgin clock is done in gold that is decorative and made to look old

elgin is a (???)
elgin is one of 20 ‘million dollar professors’
elgin is a dynamic force in science education
elgin is approximately 5
elgin is approximately 2
elgin is 42 degrees fahrenheit with a july temperature average of 86 degrees
elgin is located both within kane county
elgin is proud of its history
elgin is the largest urban centre within the county of bruce and is situated on the picturesque eastern shore of lake huron
elgin is the cultural center of the district and is about 35 miles west of chicago
elgin is located about 40 miles northwest of chicago and about 25 miles northwest of o’hare international airport
elgin is just northwest of chicago
elgin is in southern arizona
elgin is also well served by trains from the south and by an efficient regional bus service
elgin is approximately 1
elgin is approximately 765
elgin is a past president of the missouri society of professional surveyors
elgin is a past president of the missouri association of registered land surveyors
elgin is located 38 3 miles northwest of chicago
elgin is located in the township of south crosby about halfway between kingston and smiths falls on highway 15
elgin is not considered by most collectors to be of high quality although they did make some very high quality movements like the veritas and lord elgin
elgin is one of scotland’s oldest established towns
elgin is the perfect spot to stay while you visit the rest of atlantic canada
elgin is located in the centre of southeastern new brunswick
elgin is a quaint
elgin is on the main route between inverness
elgin is cool name
elgin is part of elgin county
elgin is provided through a contract between the council of elgin county and ontario provincial police
elgin is at the heart of the malt whisky trail
elgin is only a five to ten minute walk away from most campus locations
elgin is an anchor and producer for cnn airport network
elgin is an equal opportunity employer
elgin is presently the only company to have pm10 efficient sweepers in the three
elgin is proud to offer
elgin is a good cinema
elgin is down sick
elgin is situated just off highway 15 and offers many services for both the visitor and local resident
elgin is also an extremely popular holiday resort and touring centre with excellent facilities
elgin is a leading proponent of child
elgin is a children’s aid society
elgin is rolling out the welcome mat for the first residents moving into the community of 90 condominiums windsor development corporation has
elgin is accessible by bus
elgin is a first class hotel located 20 miles from o’hare international airport and 3 miles from downtown elgin
elgin is situated on the a96 which runs from inverness to aberdeen or can be accessed by following the a95/a941 from aviemore
elgin is approximately 38 miles northwest of downtown chicago and covers an area of approximately 24 square miles
elgin is in a junk yard owned by richard springer
elgin is 7 miles
elgin is up to (no good?? :rolleyes: )
elgin is easily accessible from the north
elgin is subject to the requirements of the americans with disabilities act of 1990
elgin is doing her best to straighten out the computer
elgin is the northwestern gateway to the chicago metropolitan area
elgin is located on highland avenue
elgin is vice
elgin is the most senior ecc trustee having served longer than any trustee in the history of district #509
elgin is the author of promise ahead
elgin is teaching introduction to the philosophy of education
**elgin is available for adoption:ahh: **
elgin is a coalition that represents the interests of the individuals and organizations with a presence in downtown
elgin is sparking some changes most people never see
elgin is the 9
elgin is located in a turn
elgin is located in northeast nebraska
elgin is doing something other schools have not even attempted
elgin is on the cutting edge of technology
elgin is located in blocks 22/30b
elgin is a tourist destination because if its wines
elgin is the author of several books
elgin is one of the oldest continuously existing public high schools in illinois