What's your high score in the swerve game?

I have been practicing and I am up to 17200. How have you been doing?

Highest score was 23200 by driving the robot like a skid steer and picking up yellow and orange dots.

Beat my high score last night. My record is now 27400. Trying to break 30000

What’s this game you’re talking about?

2451’s Swerve Simulator, original thread here.

High score for me is 18,200 right now.


26500 and a whole new level of respect for the guys who drive these things.

21400 as of 3 minutes ago. It’s quite the nifty game, and a nice time-sink when waiting for people to arrive to meetings.

19,400 as of an hour before champs.

I don’t think our team realized this would turn into a competition.



Like 20000. I feel pathetic, and I’m also deciding exactly how many years we should have our driver practice this if we do a swerve in the future.

I definitely did not think this would happen.

While I’m here mine was 20200.

I can’t beat my score of 15800 :frowning:


You can abuse the way the bot will switch to the other side of the screen when you go past the boundaries. Just hold down a directional key and steer into the dots.

I am very bad at it. 16900

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