what's your plan this summer?

Now that most of the high school are coming to the end of the semester, people are getting ready for summer break.

So, what’s your plan for the summer? A job? Summer school?

How about something FIRST related?

Well, let me start first. I believe I will be volunteering at a NASA machine shop to gain more experience with manufacturing and machine shops… And maybe get a part time job to actually earn some money for my trip to kickoff… :wink:

I’ll be working this summer so that I will have some money for college next year. I have a feeling that engineering school + running a FIRST team + a job will not mix well. And a job would be the first thing to go.

BILL! who is up way past his bedtime

Supposedly I’m being a Civil Engineering intern at RK&K Engineers (we’re designing the Maryland half of the new Woodrom Wilson Bridge). But in reality I’m doing work for the IT department. Well, I would be right now but the routing tables screwed up and my computer can’t see the one I need to see. At least IIS seems to be working correctly over there which was the original problem…


Summer…hmmmm…where should i start?? Next week, I start a program promoting women and technology at OSU. That wil run about 8:30 to 5:30 five days a week, fo two weeks. It will be fun though, we get to go to the new motion technology lab where they use sensors to build wire frams that move on computers.

Then, the week of July 4th, I get to go do a field study on Gibralter Island in Lake Erie (also a OSU thing).

I’m also taking a circuits curseat DeVry, but I have no clue when that is.

Yeah, Im also supposed to help our new lego league teams prep for their season, work on FIRST fundraising, and get a job.

And they call this vacation???!!!???


ive got to do 100 hours of community service for school, im going away for two weeks, and i need to make some money…
of course i dont have a job so to make money im gonna have to get up to the golf course down the street and caddie between 2 and 4 times a week (which of course come out to about $300, much more then working a full time job for minimum like i did last year)
other then that i plan on doing absolutely nothing

oh yeah…as far as first related stuff: ive got to get the first band me and my friends are making started…probably spend a goodly amount of time learning to play songs that i havent taught myself yet, which should be fun

other then that thank god schools out! (i think i wouldve gone insane…er sane…if i had been given just one more jug (detention for everyone else in the world except bc high students) plus the last week of school my teachers kept giving us tests and quizzes which werent helping my insanity level)

What am I up to this summer?

Well…umm…umm…is nothing a correct answer? It would be the truth. Ok…maybe not the whole truth.

I was told I had to get a job this summer, then that was changed to I have to try to get a job. I tried. I applied at the place where I volunteer (Martin Memorial Hospital) but they had no paid positions available for teenagers anywhere throughout their “network.” Eh, oh well.

I am at the very end of taking an Intro. to Psychology class Dual Enrollment at our local community college. Felt like I needed to do some form of school this summer (in years past I’ve taken art classes in the summer). I’m so glad it’s almost over. I just can’t sit still very well for three hours. I can, but not three hours of psych.

As far as FIRST related stuff, I’m busy with trying to get ideas as to what exactly to put in the first edition of my team’s newsletter and working on possibly creating a better site for my team. I’m not an HTML wizard by any means, but I’m sure my tries at making a website bring a smile to someone’s face (or a laugh from Patrick).

So maybe I am up to something. I don’t know. lol

~Angela who needs to get a life…or at least get better at pertending like she has one

Compared to the previous five, my summer is kinda dull. I spend 8 of my 24 hours a day sitting at my desk in the office of a plumbing company cadding it up and estimating jobs for the many clients. The most exciting thing to occur in my month of being here so far is I just got done estimating a 1.2 million dollar job that we won the bid on. Other than that, I will continue making the grand dollar and attending a handful of summer comps, including wpi’s very own Battlecry II.

taking ME courses
and building my super duper FIRST controlled lawn mower

and gathering up my strength to teach in the fall

hahahahahhahahahha muhhaaaaaawaw


i will be working to get money for the trip to flordia and new jersey.

I am spending the summer juggling two jobs – One full time information technology job (45 hrs/week) and my second as a part time supervisor at BJs Wholesale Club (20-25 hrs/week). A lot of work, yes, but gotta save up money to pay college bills (and attend FIRST competitions :cool: ). Plus, when you live in the middle of nowhere there’s not much better to do.

Work, Sleep, Vacations, Summer FIRST Competitions!!

That’s about what I got planned for my summer!!!


…we’ll need you to drive to comps. :wink:

Sleep, sleep and then sleep some more…oh, don’t forget sleep.

I applied a Kinko’s the other day. So maybe I might work there. I hope because I need some $$Cash Money$$ Otherwise I will be on the forums or working on the Cyber Blue Robotics website.

well, I’m not a high school student, but I have a full summer nonetheless. (Man, I wish I was still a high school student ;))

I’m taking one more class at the community college before I transfer to RIT ($33 for the class vs $3k, wasn’t a hard choice ;))

I’m also working full time + taking work home with me so that I can pay for RIT. My job consists of buiding electronics, fixing computers, and breaking software :slight_smile:

Well, since I’m in transition between two teams I’m really not doing much FIRST related.:frowning:
So instead I’ll spend the summer doing what i love best. Sitting on the beach at my lakehouse…
When I’m not putting in a 40+ hour week doing CAD at an local engineering firm.

5AM-1PM - CAD (i make my own hours, i like the beach)
1:30PM-Dark - Sit on beach
Dark-3AM - Party at a nearby resort

Notice the lack of sleeping time?
I’ll also find some time in there to work on and ride my motorcycle…plus say goodbye to all my friends before college…

ohh yeah, and move to college… that should be interesting…

Summer isn’t a vacation for me this year… maybe less beach bumming…

~John #250;)

hmmmm…breaking software?

i think i could handle that

mike whos proved time and again that nothing is fool-proof (ninny-proof?) to a sufficiently talented fool (ninny?)


I’ll toot my own horn. For me time being I work @ our beloved Autodesk. Just a few minutes walk down the street from DEKA Research. Sometimes I will walk up and eat at the DEKA Cafe and notice Dean’s Hummer in the parking lot or Helicopter on the roof. Also a few minutes walk up the a street is FIRST Place…home of FIRST. It’s a hard life…but someone’s gotta.


hahaha! i bag groceries! wooohoo!

the previous 3summers were filled w/ an engineering job-- but who needs that when you can work 40hours a week at a grocery store.

Well… at least it’s easy, and i get one day a week off (very usual for me) and they love me so I can ask for whatever FIRST competition days off that I need.

So I’ll be working… running driver practices for the T190 kiddies… coaching T190 through some summer comps… playing vball w/ the FIRST folks from T190, T126, and even T157 with some guest appearances from other friends on ‘close-by’ teams…

Anyone ever wants to join us for a game-- lemme know! volleyball rocks!

woohoo :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not glorious…but at least I get all my FIRST pictures developed at a discount – yeah, I work in the One-Hour photo lab of the good old Braintree Big Kmart. pauses for the laughter to subside Doesn’t pay much, and people (management and customers) treat you like dirt…but then, I’ve worked at worse places before. :slight_smile: But something has to pay for the bills at RIT next year…

As for FIRST stuff, thanks to Lee and TJ² I got to go to Mayhem on the Merrimack. I also have my Greyhound tickets in hand for BattleCry in 2 short weeks. Along with that, it’s a push on the RCU and FIRST-a-holics websites along with some side projects Lee and I are in the works of. :wink:

~ lora