Whats Your Summer Job?

Simply put, Whats Your Summer Job? or what do you plan on doing for the summer?

I found out today that I’ll be working up at Rutgers in the Dept of Nanomaterials Science Engineering, hopefully researching Fiber Optics, as I found out today.

So what are you people doing/Planning on doing?

I don’t have one yet, but I either want to work at FIRST Place, or somewhere where I can gain some experience working with/around FIRST… Does anyone have any suggestions?

Component Test Co-Op
Rolls-Royce Corporation
Indianapolis, IN

Second year as a co-op.

Working at …

Petco in Brookfield, WI
American Eagle in Brookfield, WI
Bath and Bodyworks (maybe) in either Brookfield or Delafield, WI

Volunteering at …

Wildlife in Need Center in Oconomowoc, WI

Customer Service and Traffic Specialist
CraftMaster Mfgt., Inc.
Towanda, PA (Mill Location)
Chicago, IL (Corporate Offices)

Managing Truck and Boxcar Traffic in and out of the plant, in addition to shipping plant materials including door trims and MIRATec. Fun, fun, on the company database.

I just spent January-June being a coop within Pratt & Whitney Commodity Integration Management; therefore, I get to spend my July & August being back in class at Northeastern. Woopee!!! I can’t wait to be back in Boston from Monday-Thursday with only three hours of class a day! Three day weekends (and a three week semester break in August) will be spent working/hang-gliding here: www.flymorningside.com.

I love summer class sessions because I love the outdoors, and being stuck inside for a job is really tormenting (as I found out as an intern at Hamilton Sundstrand during summers 2002 & 2003). Boston is so sweet during the summer too. There are festivals, free Shakespeare in the Common, symphonies by the Charles River, and warm nights to take walks with friends or go clubbing. Ahhhhh… can’t wait :slight_smile:


Working for the sales and marketing department at the regional sales office of DiTom Microwave Inc

I’ll be working out at a small company in Bedford, NH

Is this small company called Segway LLC? :smiley: :wink:

The local Dietrich Theater
Yard work for a large property in town ( thought it was going to be easy but I am there every free second I have :stuck_out_tongue: )
And possibly my dad’s garage.


I’ll be at Carnegie Mellon for the summer, but right now:

Daryl’s Pastries. Yes i have mad skill when it comes to boxing up pastries and saying “have a nice day” for 9 hours straight every saturday.

St. Luke Rectory. As in sitting at a desk doing homework and getting paid. It’s not all that bad. :slight_smile:

Im too lazy to go out and actually find a job, so I’lll be taking a physics and english class at the local college.

motorola software intern in Plantation, FL

July: National Youth Science Camp in W. Virginia

August: Mechanical design assistant at BorgWarner Morse TEC

September: COLLEGE! :slight_smile:

Sevaa.com, wooot!

Chick-Fil-A Unit # 1527

Indianapolis Zoo.

And no, I don’t clean up the elephant poo :]

Build-A-Bear Workshop

till i have to go to school (august 12th)

I build robots…and bears too!
They PAY me to build bears though:p

Apprentice Tool Maker at Accellent Inc’s Watertown, CT plant.

im working as a step down from network admin at my grandfathers school, their network admin seems to have completly dissappeared. they think that he had a nervous breakdown. im happy though, $12 an hour with absolutly nothing but an “I’ve done that at home” certification.