What's your team motto?

I was just wondering, what’s your team motto, and how did you come up with it? Team 1094’s motto is “Feed The Fish” and we got the idea because our team name is Channel cats and were fish. :slight_smile:

It used to be “The future is for those who prepare for it today.” but now it’s “We build people, not robots.”

“Turning Idea’s, Into Reality”

I may be wrong by the source, but as far as I know my brother came up with it. He started FIRST in 2005, and has now gone to the University of Waterloo to pursue Mechanical Engineering. I believe it came about during the teams last VEX Build. They spent countless hours in our family basement building the VEX bot for that year (not sure the year but it had something to do with Soft balls?). He made a sketch of that robot and there is now a picture, that is half an actual picture and the other half is the Sketch. Simulating the idea that and Idea was turned Into reality. The caption of this picture is “Turning Idea’s, Into Reality”.

I don’t think 2815 has had a motto listed in the FIRST system for a couple of seasons, but over the season we more or less latched on to the phrase “Win Anyway”, cribbed from USC’s reigning back-to-back national champion baseball team (who just arrived in Omaha to pursue a threepeat).

Of course, us being who we are, it became a hashtag.

The response was positive to that, so we’ll see if it sticks around going forward. :slight_smile:

I love your teams motto its really good! I don’t know exactly how we came up with ours, but I think that might have been how we came up with it.

I like that motto, its good! :slight_smile:

“Building robots, building people”

Yeah, it’s pretty generic, but unfortunately some of us are resistant to change so that motto continues to stick. It isn’t bad, just a bit overdone.

Personally, a better motto for us would probably be: “Solve your problems before they can spread”. Much like a wildfire, right? Right?

Haha :slight_smile: Thanks!

I love that by the end of the season you actualy have turned your idea’s into a reality, and then in the future you can turn your life idea/ or career idea, into a reality :smiley:

It’s not bad at all!

Your welcome! :slight_smile:
Yeah exactly, its awesome. I wish ours was more interesting like that!

We have two unofficial…
Never give up never surrender!
WildStang, Never Done.
That second one is holdover from a video we made in response to a Beatty Beast video in 2006 with the same title. You can find it here…

I like the first motto “Never give up never surrender!” thats an awesome!

I don’t think it’s bad either, but I just feel as though it’s a bit too generic and that a team motto that expresses our individuality (see: flames) would be more suited for us. If given the option to change it, I would, but I’m just fine with it as is.

yeah I understand.

“There is no spoon”

I don’t know the exact interpretation but I know it goes about the lines that there is nothing stopping you from doing what you want to do. Things aren’t going to happen for you. You have to do it yourself.

Building on Talented Students


Being Team Combustion our motto is “Spreading the Wildfire”. One of our presidents used it in our 2010 chairman’s video and from there it kind of caught on. One of our original mottoes was “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”, which has since been retired and more recently brought back as an unofficial chant.

SPAM’s motto:

It’s not your momma’s luncheon meat.

Not sure if they’ve changed it since I’ve been there, but Exploding Bacon’s motto was:

Where pigs fly.

3929 sort of has two:

“Dare To Be Excellent”


“Excellence. No Excuses.”

I prefer the latter, the former is the school’s motto.