Wheel Base Demensions?

Hey everyone I am wondering what are the demensions of your wheel base and the outside demension with the bumpers attached? Finally what are the total demensions of the robots. Thanks,


Our frame is 27" by 37". We well probably do bumpers later on.

26"x36" without bumpers, we’ll do bumpers later on (we’re assembling most of the drive train tonight and tomorrow).



26 by 36, I’m guessing the wheels are maybe an inch in on each side… And then with bumpers our final dimension will probably be around 28 by 38…

Make sure you specify whether you’re doing a wide or long configuration.

Our bot will be 26.5" wide x 35" long, before standard bumpers.

27 x 37 minus bumpers, expected to be 3.5" on each side.
Before endgame, of course…:smiley: