Wheel contest

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your CAD software!

I was randomly designing wheels in Inventor, and I was thinking about how stylish it would be possible to make some wheels. Then I thought, why limit the styles to my own brain. So here’s a challenge:

Design in Inventor a wheel. There’ll be 2 size classes: 6 inch and 3 inch. The 6 inch wheel must be underneath .8 pounds in weight, and the 3 inch must be under .4 pounds. Post a picture or link to a picture of a wheel you designed in CAD. The most stylish wheel will win at the end!

With tread or without?

Not too prefrential on tread, so if you don’t want to bother, don’t. As far as weight, tread is not included.

Also, here’s my submission: A 6 inch beauty weighing in at .720 lbs


6" OD 0.470 lbs

[edit]CAD model replaced with rendered part

What’s the prize? :stuck_out_tongue:

yah… you better send us some cake or something…

Here’s my submission, throwin’ it back ol’ school style with gold spokes (18).

Maybe someone will get inspired by these hubless wheels?

lol, i was working on an old fashioned spoke style as well. old school. but a little different. Maybe ill CAD it out

We’re ridin’ spinners, we’re ridin’ spinners
They don’t stop
We’re ridin’ spinners, we’re ridin’ spinners
They don’t stop

-7.5" pneumatic rim (squishes down to 6")
-Gold plated… :cool:
-Spinners… :cool:
-Embossed with our logo… :cool:
-If only we had the $$$

My entry:

6" OD (not including tread)
0.75" wide
3/4" hex for drive
0.746 lbs (no tread)
The base wheel is made completely out of fiberglass, but a layer of gold foil is glued on with an epoxy of some sort.

720 lb???

Well DUH! don’t you see how BIG it is???

actually, if you look real close, there’s a decimal before the 7. :smiley:

Here’s my old school wooden wheel.

Maybe not the most practical…

Those have got to be the koolest looking rims I have ever seen! Should make them real rims to put on a car… would have your Logo everywhere you drive :cool:

Very cool


Here’s an animation i made for Hachiban VIII’s wheel.
Here’s the GIF

and here’s the video but photobucket makes it look horrid.
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OK, so maybe it’s not Inventor or a robot wheel…I used CATIA to do this about a month ago.

Random design for fun. 3 inches; the iProperties box says it’s .189 lbs…



The tread should have more raised lines on it between the FIRST logo imitations, but the emboss was taking forever to calculate the way it is now, so I left that out for now.