wheel contest

Now that the season is over and you are bored,(maybe) lets have a CAD wheel contest! After everyone who wants to has submitted a design I will probably make a poll so we can all vote on the best one. Prize yet to be determined.

Post a picture on CD-media or on ImageShack, and post a link to the image in your post.

Please don’t post in this thread unless you are submitting a design, or you are a moderator. (pm me instead if you want)
Your wheel must be made by you. (not a website like this)
It must be done in CAD, (inventor, SolidWorks, whatever). (no pictures of real wheels though)
Make your wheels look as good as you can, while keeping strength of the wheel in mind.

Good luck!

here is a wheel i made to get us all started.


there is another one of these started already I’ll see if i can find it


I am aware of that thread, but it is old.
I will submit the best ones from the old thread also.
And this one will be voted on, and a winner selected!
So if you think you have a wheel that is as good as (or almost as good as) the ones on the old thread then post it here.


Although quite unoriginal, I thought I’d show my model of the VEX wheels in one of my incomplete robot models. Don’t mind the glass, I simply wanted to convey my design; its not a final render.



I have a lot of work to do this week so I may/may not make something. But I’ll try!

Until then there’s always this:

A golden spinner with our team logo on it.

Was that done in inventor?

Modeling in Inventor, rendering in 3D Studio Max 9 with VRay.

Sorry, I moved that image… although a different version, this one has the same wheels;

http://jrosselet.com/Vex Render 0.0.2.jpg