Wheel Designs

Does anyone know of a good way to attach the wheel and the gears together and then get them attached to the motor?
Pics and or directions would be very helpful.

Depends on the wheels you’re using. If you’re using solid wheels, drilling holes in accordance to the bolt pattern of a specific kind of sprocket would be your best bet, with some polycarbonate, wood, carbon fiber, or any other material spacer to fit. Then, just bolt the sprocket on to your wheel, and that’s one half of the equation.

For the other side, the BaneBots GP-56012 (The 56mm, 12:1 Planetary single motor gearbox that comes with the kit) has a nifty 1/2in wide, 4in long driveshaft with a nice little notch in the shaft that is .125in deep. That notch, which runs down the length of the shaft, can be used to hold a sproket with one of those small hex bolts in it.

Hope this helps.


yes it does. thanks:D

Last year we just put gears on the motor shaft and the axels of the wheels. Then we connected them by using a bicycle chain to connect the motors and wheels. Hope that helps a little.

Well, the size of the chain also varies. I’m not sure what kind comes with the kit, but if you use 35 chain, you best have 35 drive sprockets and 35 wheel sprockets.

I’m also pretty sure that despite the weight, most teams will go with a chain-drive system.

Thanks for adding in that little bit, though. I forgot to mention that you link it with chain.

Attach the bigger sprockets to the kit wheels with 8-32 nuts and bolts (get these from a hardward store). Then attach the small sprocket to the output shaft of the transmission. Secure it to the shaft with shaft collars, or get some new sprockets with set screws built in. Then run your chain from sprocket to sprocket, lay it out and make a mental mark of what link will connect the two, with some slack. Break the chain and connect the two halves with a master link, and you’re set.