wheel drive

ok so we had this whole thing planned out on how our drive train will work and are now having to start again because of Small Parts. We bought the bead lock wheels from skyway but they came with a key hub and now we arn’t sure how to attach them to the shaft and we can’t find rod with a matching key. so if anyone has any ideas on how to attach it to the rod or if anyone knows where to buy matching rod for the wheels that would be infinatly helpful. Thanks in advance

Here are a couple of suggestions:

(1) Use a trantorque. They are in small parts, but are considered a fastener and can be bought anywhere. Fenner drives have trantorques of all sizes.

(2) Have a keyway cut into your shaft. Keystock is sold in many sizes and will fit into the keyway you have cut into the shaft.

Depending on the size of your hole in the wheel, I suggest the trantorque. I would suggest a shaft no smaller than 3/8", so the trantorque outside diameter is 3/4" (that is the size the hole in your wheel has to be). Trantorques can be used right over keyways.



we buy prekeyed shaft from mcmaster from time to time…it comes in all shapes and sizes