Wheel Encoders

Hey guys! I’m new to sensors and encoders, and I’d like to find something both easy to install and easy to use/program in Labview. I’ll be plugging them into Talon SRXs. I’d appreciate any suggestions or experiences you have.

Thanks for the help,


The first question is what are you measuring? In particular, what gearbox and motor will be driving those wheels? If you want easy to install and use, use encoders made for your gearbox or motor. The KoP chassis uses the TB-mini, which has a special encoder nub behind the drive shaft; AM sells encoders specifically designed to attach to it. If your gearbox does not have something like this, you may want to go directly from the motor.

Attaches to TB-mini: http://www.andymark.com/product-p/am-3132.htm
Fits on the front of a CIM (shortens shaft, beware!): http://www.andymark.com/encoder-p/am-3314.htm

Our drivetrain designers gave me this picture to upload. It’s a 3 cim assembly. It’s a custom gearbox. I don’t know much more. If I find out more I’ll edit this post.

Also, another question of my own: will I need more than one encoder per side?



Can’t quite see the detail on the CIMs there, but if you have the shaft length to spare then the CIM encoder suggested above would be the easiest, you do however lose some of the play in the gear-train, but on a drive train this is usually negligible.