Wheel misalignment


I’ve done some research and have seen a few posts about this issue. On 364’s base swerve, there were some wheel misalignment issues on startup. I think this could be what we are experiencing, although was this fixed during a mod-season push?

I am trying to get a old swerve test bot up and running:

MK3 Fast, two falcon’s for steering and driving, cancoder, and pigeon 2.0.

I adjusted the most up to date code per the ReadMe. After enabling, the robot performed as expected; all modules remained steady, everything seemed zero’d. On blocks, I tried ‘turning’ the robot, and the only way I can explain it is that there always is one (sometimes two) ‘lazy’ module(s). I see this both visually and through SmartDashboard outputs. Every module has been impacted by this issue, some more frequent than others. I’ve implemented most of the fixes enumerated throughout some posts on here, but still the issue persists. Any ideas what could be causing this?



3926 has experienced this issue using 3512’s NEO adaptation of BaseFalconSwerve as well, although we find that rebooting the robot code usually solves the problem.

I wrote a explanation on my previous post.

For your issue I think you need to add this line before resetToAbsolute();

The other option which I think is the better way to go is change to phoenix 6. Changing to phoenix 6 means the CAN Coders will boot to absolute by default and won’t need the delay. Here is the link to the phoenix 6 version of our swerve base.

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