Wheel Repair?

Is there a wheel repair process or do we just have to buy new wheels if they brake?

Thank You

What kind of repair are we talking? Tread scuff or “Uhh… guys? The wheel just split in 2…” type?

If it’s the former, this was covered in Update #5. If the latter, then I’m pretty sure you need a new wheel. I haven’t seen a Q&A allowing repairs, but anything that involves modifying a wheel (in this case adding glue or something of that nature) would be illegal.

I would say to just buy a new wheel. Maybe buy an extra as well, in case during the competition something happens.

If the wheels are simply scuffed, check out the following. If they are cracked or completely worn through, you’ll need to replace them.



This thread might be relevant?

And will team 1501 be violating a rule with their approach?

Filling voids in the wheels with epoxy sounds VERY suspicious to me. This would be a violation of the “Rover Wheels must be unmodified” rule.

You might be able to get this past an inspector if it looks seamless but I could easily imagine an increase in the coefficient of friction by using an appropriate epoxy. This would really go against the principles of GP.

I would strongly encourage teams to simply replace such Rover Wheels if they can’t be restored via polishing. If the wheels are losing chunks of material during normal driving, you need to limit your driving to smooth surfaces that don’t result in such deformation.


I think you misunderstood what 1501 is doing, they are not filling in the voids in the TREAD with epoxy, they are filling in the voids in the HUB with epoxy to increase the strength of the wheel so it won’t break (see the other link for an illustration of the problem). I guess I should not have linked to that single post without putting it in context, sorry.

Ah… now I see.

Inspectors won’t care about how/whether you modify the Rover’s hubs. We only care about the tread and whether the wheel is roughly perpendicular to the ground.

When I first saw that picture in “wheel problem”, it wasn’t very clear to me what the issue was. Being an inspector, the first thing that I looked for was tread damage. But then I saw the mangled hub…

Thanks for the correction! That was a classic “taken out of context” issue.


we at 1747 had a wheel fall off a table and crack (tread AND rim). what I did to fix it was hot glue the gaps, sand the bead smooth (on the tread), and used it on our practice trailer. too bad the wheel was brand new when it broke :mad:

the only question this leaves is which is less durable, the balls or the wheels (or a tie- not durable at all)?:confused:

I still think the balls are still less durable since we broke all but two of our balls and never broke any of our wheels despite subjecting some of them to robot tipping tests, though it depends on how you judge it.

But back on topic, I would say just buy new ones. A whole spare set of wheels for the robot should be fine. We have 7 extras in the crate(not sure how its an odd number), which is more than that.