Wheel size

What wheel size are other FRC teams using on their robots, and what kind are u planning to use, cuz our team is planning to use a 4wd 2 8" Colson and 2 8" omni

We’re planning on using the round ones. But yeah, 4 inch. There’s no need for larger, to keep gearbox weight/size down.

You might want to use smaller wheels to help keep your cg down low. Since there aren’t ramps to climb in this game, big wheels don’t really have an advantage. You can get the same speed and torque with any wheel size by changing the gear/chain reduction. Smaller wheels also leave more room on the bot for other things, like a giant game piece. We’re planning on 6" wheels, maybe 4" on the front.

4" on 294, 6" on 973.

The problem is that we’re using the kit frame with live axles, and we had to flip it over because the bearings wouldn’t fit because of the indent on the frame and if we used smaller wheels it would be too low to the ground.

6" this year. Same wheels as last year for the drive ones, completely custom ones for the non-drive ones. :wink:

we use home made weels so we get maximom track but you always remmber
it depand what you need speed or stragh becose the size metter

6" for the Capitals. We can drop about a half-inch if need be, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

We’ve rolled on 4s the last two years and have a design to make them that so simple light and strong we don’t see the need to change them. We never saw a loss in speed going that size, we’re usually pretty fast, or pushing power when needed.