Wheel swerve distance

Hi guys!

I’m working on a swerve programming where it asks for the distance of the wheels in a Cartesian plane (as shown in the images below)

This information is given in JavaScript within our code, I would like to know the most accurate way I can measure this distance and whether having this measurement in the code is really necessary.

P.S: we are using KrakenX60 motors for speed and NEO motors for rotation

P.S2: This was the first code we used at the World Cup, it was given by a mentor from a sister team in our state, so it is the first time we are interpreting this code.

This looks like a YAGSL config to me. You can generate config files here. You can either use CAD software or a measuring tape to measure the distance between the rotational axes of the modules, and assuming your drivebase is rectangular, divide that by half to get distance from center in whatever axis you measured (For example, the distance between the center of rotation of the front left module and the center of rotation of the front right modules was 24 inches, so the horizontal distance from center for your modules are ±12 inches)

Thank you for your help