Does anybody know where to buy a good wheel for robot?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I just opened our shipment from skyway…

I ordered some of the 9" pneumatic and some of the 9" bead-lock and my initial opinion is forget the bead-locks and go with the pneumatic tires. They are ohhhhh soooo stickey and reasonably light. The bead-locks with the Dupont whatever-it-is tires are somewhat soft but are heavy and do not adhere to the carpet nearly as well as good ole rubber.

I’ve just designed an adapter to adapt the 3/4" hub in the pneumatic wheels down to 1/2" and will post it in the “Manufactured Parts” library of the FIRST CAD Library.

My only decision is weither or not I want to stick (no pun intended) to my homebrew (sorry: top secret) wheels at 6" or go with these 9" monsters.



Skyway Wheels

If you’re not going to build your own, skywheels have some decent stuff. You should look back to this thread for more info:


We had a nice little debate over buying wheels or making wheels or tracks…good stuff.

We made our own wheels. We used 6" circular solid aluminum (available from SPI) and took out some weight with holes, and added a built-in hub and bearing.