wheeled robot club 2014

This is the super fun club for teams that use wheels on the robot.

TEAM 340 has wheels

High five! Spectrum 3847 reporting in with wheels.

Nice, we’ve got wheels as well! Finally, my team’s robot belongs in a club! :smiley:

Tiki Techs are rocking a 6 WHEEL west coast drive…

We love wheels so much we even included them in out pickup system


I… think we have wheels on our bot? Its kinds hard to tell… :rolleyes:

I don’t have a robot :frowning:

Can I start my own club?

2175 has wheels!!!

I nominate 1717 to be the president of the club.

Team 4276 uses rotation-to-translation converters, similar to your “wheels.”

Agreed. I’d thought we’d be in the lead with 14 Banebots wheels. I was so wrong…

Can my team join if we change our design to go with wheels too?

Team 900 has wheels… but we just park in the corner and never use them. :frowning:

This thread is just so http://jamieutt.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/pixar_brave_2012-wide.jpeg

Hey! 2626 got wheels too!

Hey! Team 2648 has wheels too!

I feel as though this thread is demeaning and discriminatory towards robots like ours which employ tank treads as a mode of transportation instead of wheels. I’m disappointed that the FIRST community could be so blatantly offensive to segregate robots by those with wheels and those without.

This, of course, is assuming that we’re talking about wheels that directly contact the ground rather than all wheels (including those acting as a pulley). If it includes all wheels, I see no issues here.

Team 3958 has wheels. 14 of them to be exact :cool:

I for one an waiting for a team to employ the use of a giant quad-copter.

Depending on your definition of wheel, 256 may have had some. Ours weren’t perfectly round, but instead were made up by a near infinite amount of small straight lines, so that’s somewhat similar.

703 here with 16 wheels (I assume we’re also counting collectors).


Just in drivetrain, 271 has twelve wheels! Well, we combined them two at a time with a lathe and some seat of the pants engineering to make six wheels, but so far its been unrivaled traction! Gotta love six two inch wide wheels with roughtop, plus six CIM’s and two speeds.